March 23, 2021

Your Values Are Tied to Laziness Part 2 Oranges vs Skittles

What? Let me explain. For this scenario, I am not talking about the lay around all day, doing nothing kind of laziness.

We all have values.

Two to three of our values tend to be set pretty high on our value scale. These are our oranges. (What do I mean by “oranges”? Find out by reading my first blog in this series.) When we have duties to do in our high value areas, it is easy for us to accomplish them. These high values are often your passions as well.

When we have tasks that are not high on our value system, it is easy to procrastinate in getting the job done.

This is basic human nature. Often, this is a skittle – something that has to be done but is not high on our priority list. I am guilty of this just like everyone else. For example, I hate cleaning the shower. How often do you think my shower actually gets cleaned? Let’s just say it should be done at least one more time than it is.


Delegating your low-priority duties is an option so that these needed tasks don’t get overlooked. Decide which parts of your life you can hand off and which you can’t. Remember, you don’t have to be awesome at everything. Take the burden off of you, and let someone do those activities you dread. This does not always have to be hired out, you might have a friend or family member who is willing to do this for you and you do one of the things you enjoy for them that they would rather not do – a win-win situation!

I can help.

Sometimes it takes a neutral person to help you sort through the daily duties of your life and help you find the path in the middle of it all – what you can delegate, what your dream truly is, and coming up with the goals, the baby steps, to get there. That is what I do as a Life Coach. Comment below or schedule a 30-minute chat with me so we discuss your path.

Catch me next week.

Next week, I will continue the conversation of oranges vs skittles in regards to discipline.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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