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I am the most fun, passionate, engaging Life Coach you'll ever meet! After all my nickname is Giggles for a reason! 

I help women and men who have been living with a major change to start dreaming again and living a fulfilling, active, and rewarding life. 

Through Video Coursework, Vision Board Seminars and 1:1 Coaching, I help my clients identify their intentions, work through the challenges of life, define what is most meaningful, and use thoughtful techniques and exercises to ensure their success. 

Nothing feels better than seeing clients, like you, shift their thinking and actions that make their dreams a reality.

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My Mission

Positively Powerful Life is committed to unlocking your hidden potential in life while dealing with life's obstacles.

Start living your Best Life!

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Start living your Best Life! Together, we are Positively Powerful!

 10 Week Coaching Program

Whether you want to improve your career, build a business, move across country, start a charity, or simply achieve a more tranquil and balanced lifestyle, the Oola Coaching Program will help you make plans—then take action—over the next 10 weeks.