April 23, 2020

What Are Your Values, Passions, and Strengths?

What core value words seem to fit together?

Now that you have done some heavy-duty thinking about core values and activities related to core values, we are going to do one more exercise. You will want the last two completed assignments handy.

Click here to access first activity regarding core values

Click here to access the second activity regarding core values

First, look at all the words you circled on the core values sheet. Look at each one and start to categorize them. Which words seem to fit together? For example, maybe accountability and consistency go together for you. Your goal is to pare down all the words into five categories. If it’s less, great. If it’s more, try to stay under seven.

Try using 5 different-colored pens when grouping.

A helpful hint: I actually used five different-colored pens when I went back to circle the words that felt similar to me. Then, I wrote them down in five lists to make sure I didn’t feel I needed to move any words to a different group. Trust your gut. It is your wise inner voice guiding you.

Once you have the words grouped together choose the one word you feel encompasses each category the best. Then, you will write those five words in the Values circle of the diagram.

Click here for your core value, passion, and strengths activity.

What are you passionate about?

Next, fill in the Passions circle. What do you love to do? What gets you excited? When you fill in your Passions, the words you use may also be one of the words you circled on the core values table. For example, one of my Passions is Learning. In the Values circle, I wrote Knowledge. I could have chosen to write Knowledge in both circles, but my gut told me a better fit for what I was after was using the two different words.

What are your strengths?

Finally, fill in the Strengths circle. What are you good at? It is not uncommon for each of the three categories to have a similar word. Here’s an example: Passions – Creating, Strengths – Being Creative, and Values – Creativity. In this case, creativity is important to this person and they will want to find activities that allow their creative juices to flow.

What dreams are you ready to focus on now?

I hope this quick explanation proved helpful to you. Once you have completed all three exercises (determining your core values, rating your activities and categorizing your core values), you will want to take time to brainstorm – to dream – about your life going forward. What will you let go of in order to free up your time and energy? What activities will you focus on now? What will you become passionate about? These exercises were designed to get you excited about your Fibro-my-DREAM-gia Life or COVID-My-Dream Life.

When you are done with this activity, I would love to hear what you found out. Give me a shoutout in the Private Facebook Group: Positively Powerful Oola Life.


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