August 3, 2020

Toxic Relationships

In my last blog, I discussed fear with a scenario in the workplace called Blessings In Disguise.   This week I decided to focus on fear regarding toxic relationships.

Toxic relationships, whether in the family, workplace, or in friendships, can cause so much stress and turmoil in your life.

Distancing yourself from this situation is easier said than done because often this person is in your family or friend inner circle.

Before we go on, it has to be mentioned that if this toxic relationship involves abuse of any kind, it is even more imperative you get out NOW. The process of confronting and leaving this type of toxic relationship is much different than what I will be discussing here. However, you need to talk to a trusted individual who can help you. Click here for more information.

When it comes to toxic relationships, you need to look at how this relationship is affecting other areas of your life.

I have put together several questions that will help you take a deeper look at potentially toxic relationships. These questions will help you see for yourself if it’s time to take back your life. I have also set this up in a quiz, so you are able to see the results and a plan of action. (Link for quiz here)

1. Does this relationship affect my marriage?
2. Does this relationship affect my children?
3. Does this relationship affect my productivity at work?
4. Does this relationship affect other areas of my homelife?
5. Does this relationship affect enjoyment when I finally am able to have a night on the town?
6. Does this relationship affect my finances?
7. Does this relationship affect my decisions about staying home rather than enjoying life to the fullest with others?
8. Does this relationship affect my dreams?
9. Does this relationship affect if I feel valued?
10. Does this relationship affect my own self confidence?
11. Does this relationship affect my Faith?
12. Does this relationship affect my choices about healthy living?

The more you answered yes to these questions, the more toxic this relationship could be and the more this relationship is filtering into all areas of your life. Have you ever dreamed what life could be like without this person influencing so many aspects of it? Would you feel light and free rather than burdened?

Well, here’s the thing.

Often you need a plan of action and help from an impartial person when you decide to take back your life. That is what a Life Coach can do or you. If you are ready to say no more to a toxic relationship you’re in, contact me to help you with this situation.

If you are still uncertain about your plan, close your eyes and think about how your life could look without this person in it – a stronger marriage, a stronger bond with your children, having fun instead of anxiety when going out, enjoying work instead of walking on egg shells, living YOUR dream life, feeling valued and self-confident, making healthy choices, and reconnecting with your Faith on your terms.

Now, keep this vision in the forefront of your mind. I know it’s hard to tell this person with clear, kind words that you cannot allow the toxicity in your life anymore, however, it is a lot harder living life without your beautiful vision! I’m here for you.

In the meantime, here are some affirmations for you to try.

The starred ones use OolaAccelerator language with the OolaAccelerator words in bold. I have included several affirmations so you can find the right fit for you. Change up any of these until it feels right for you.
• My family and friends are a light in my life.
• My family and friends are a positive influence in my life.
• My family and friends have a positive impact in my life.
• My family and friends allow me to feel valued.
• My family and friend relationships increase my self-confidence.
• I love myself enough to keep my circle of family and friends – ones who are loving, caring, accepting, encouraging and supportive. *
• I am grateful for my loving, accepting, encouraging, supportive family and friends. *
• I have the discipline to allow only positive, supportive, loving, and encouraging people into my inner circle. *
• I have the integrity and humility to right any wrongs I’ve done to others.
• I trust my inner wisdom to know who is needed in my inner circle. *

Toxic relationships can bleed into several areas of your life. Letting go of these relationships can make room in your life for so many wonderful things. I would love to help you work on these relationships so you can focus on living your Positively Powerful Life!

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