Life Vision Board Workshop




The Life Vision Board Seminar is so much more than just the 8 steps needed to make an effective Vision Board.  In this seminar you will also learn:

  • Why being CLEAR is so important
  • What are the biggest draws for getting the most out of Law of Attraction
  • Living life in a Be, Do, Have mindset
  • Discovering YOUR intentions, goals, and dreams in the 7 areas of Oola Life: Finance, Fitness (mind and body), Family, Field (career), Friends, Faith, and Fun.

Getting clear on what you want for your life, helps you accomplish your dreams without getting side tracked by what others think you need.  In the long run, it saves you valuable time, money, abundance, and, most importantly, living life filled with contentness and joy.

So come on, let’s start Dreaming!



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