March 12, 2021

Oranges vs Skittles Part 1

In the world of Oola, we talk a lot about Oranges vs Skittles.  What does that mean exactly?

OolaBlockers: Focus (lack of) and Laziness

Let’s start by discussing the OolaBlocker lack of focus. For many of us, our focus is scattered or misdirected. This becomes even more true when you have multiple commitments. All of your commitments seem to have an urgency to them, but how can you balance your time to each one? How can you stay focused?

Skittles of life.

We have so many ways to waste our time like binge watching Netflix or playing games on our phones. We also have the day to day duties that need to be done, like checking email, getting groceries, cooking meals, and running kids to and from practice and school. These are the Skittles of life – the routine things we need to get done.

Oranges of life.

Then, there are the oranges of life – the things you do to get you one step closer to living your abundant life. Unfortunately, the oranges often get pushed aside because we become caught up with our skittles or other distractions. Or, our daily to-do list doesn’t get accomplished because we waste time on other things. However, there are a few steps we can take to avoid these traps.

Try setting a timer when scrolling through Facebook, playing that game, or watching TV. This helps you keep track of time. It enables you to relax for a few minutes without letting time get away from you.

I love the Oola saying, “Become a laser beam, not a flashlight.”

Instead of overextending and overscheduling yourself by working on a wide array of tasks, you can focus your time and energy – like a laser beam – on just those things that will get you closer to your goal – the oranges of life.

All it takes is a neutral person.

Sometimes it takes a neutral person to help you sort through the daily duties of your life and help you find the path in the middle of it all – what you can delegate, what your dream truly is, and coming up with the goals, the baby steps, to get there. That is what I do as a Life Coach. Comment below or schedule a 30-minute chat with me so we discuss your path.

Stay tuned to next week,

where I continue the conversation of oranges vs skittles in combination of your core values.
Together, we are Positively Powerful!


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