January 13, 2021

Oola Life is a Blank Canvas

If you were to look at your life as an art piece, what would it look like?

What colors would be involved? Would you have a vibrant or dark looking piece?

If I were to look at my life canvas, I would see vibrant colors for most of my life, with dark areas for the difficult times in my life. The darkest part would cover about 10 years of my life. Trying to figure out my Fibromyalgia diagnosis, how to live with it, and what would alleviate my symptoms were some of my darkest times. During this dark time, there would also be a lot of abstractness because my life was so unbalanced.

Oola Helped Me Dream Again!

Finding Oola was so helpful to me. It not only helped me become more balanced, but it also helped me dream again. It gave me the ability to accept where I was (Oola Wheel), identify where I wanted to go (Oola Plan), and develop the action steps to achieve it (Oola Path). Oola gave me hope again.

My Canvas Is Full of Bright Colors Again!

Today, my canvas is full of bright colors and the anticipation of living a life worth living. I am living a more balanced life. It is so refreshing and uplifting to be on this side again. When I do have Fibromyalgia flares, I have the wisdom to just ride the tide, because it will pass. And, I know what I need to do to help myself during the flares, and I do it without apologizing. I have the gratitude that, although I have flares that sometimes last 2 months, the pain and fatigue of a flare do not last 365 days a year.

If you have experienced a change, no matter what that change was, that has turned your life into one of unbalance and uncertainty, contact me below to set up a 30-minute chat. I am here for you!

Together, we are Positively Powerful!


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