November 13, 2020

Oola and “The Great British Baking Show”


A Balanced Life is Like a Well-Balanced Recipe.

When I first started pursuing my dream career of Life Coaching, my husband would get asked, “What does Life Coaching mean?” My ever-unfailing husband stated, “Think of a recipe. Everything has to have balance in order to cook correctly and taste right. That is the same with your life. My wife helps you get all the ingredients correct for YOUR life.” What a great explanation!

“The Great British Baking Show”

Recently, my husband and I have really enjoyed watching “The Great British Baking Show”. The show is on PBS and Netflix. On the show, 12 contestants do bake offs to see who made the best dessert or breads. The contest lasts 10 weeks and has 3 stages – signature, technical, and show stopper. Every week 1 or 2 contestants are sent home, and one of the remaining contestants is named Star Baker. During the final week, the last 3 contestants compete to win the overall competition.

As we have watched, I have noticed several similarities between the contestants’ journey on the show and one’s journey to living an Oola Life. First, the contest lasts 10 weeks, just like the Oola Coaching Program and my new Positively Powerful Life Coaching Program. Next, the word BALANCE continues to come up time and time again when discussing the contestants’ recipes and when critiquing their end results. Last, the signature stage of the contest kicks off the theme for the three bakes. In the coaching programs, there is also a theme that we focus on each week.

What Ingredients in Your Life are Balanced?

A recipe can have any number of ingredients and steps to it. Luckily, getting your Oola Life consists of focusing on 7 Areas of Life and 3 Steps.

The 7 areas of an Oola Life are: Fitness (mental and body health), Field (career), Finances, Family, Faith, Friends and Fun. The goal is to have as much balance as possible in all of these areas. When you bake a cake, it’s done. There is an end result. However, the journey to live an Oola Life is ongoing. There is no finish line per se. For some, this may seem daunting. Most people want a finished product. But think about your life. It is always evolving – always changing. The Oola coaching programs teach you the skills you need to overcome obstacles, some we call OolaBlockers (Fear, Guilt, Anger, Self-Sabotage, Laziness, Envy, and lack of Focus), and how to use the best practices for manifesting your dream life with a good dose of OolaAccelerators (Gratitude, Love, Discipline, Integrity, Passion, Humility, and Wisdom).

The 3 steps to living an Oola Life are the Oola Wheel, Oola Plan, and Oola Path. The Oola Wheel is finding where you are presently. The Oola Plan helps you identify where you want to go, and the Oola Path is the planning and executing how you are going to get there.

10 Weeks to the Life You are Meant to Live.

Now, unlike ”The Great British Baking Show”, there is not an elimination at the end of each week. The commitment you put into each week of the coaching program is what you get out of it. When you decide to show up and put in the effort, you will begin to see and feel positive changes in your life. Often, people around you will also notice the changes too. People will seem to gravitate more to you. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be around someone who lifts them up and makes them feel good?

If you are ready to start your 10 weeks, contact me below. Let’s achieve the life you are meant to live!

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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