December 16, 2020

Is Sabotage Keeping You from Your Dreams?

When I was learning about self-sabotage, one of the OolaBlockers, I thought I NEVER did that in my life. Well, guess what? The old saying, “Never say Never” becomes true once again.

Self-sabotage has a lot to do with your self-conscious mind.

Self-sabotage is the negative thoughts you tell yourself. It is those thoughts you have telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, you’re not pretty/handsome enough, you’re not smart enough, etc.  What is worse is that often this can turn into actions that try to prove all of these negative thoughts are true, when they are not.

Look, we ALL make mistakes in life but they do NOT define who you are! Those moments are a quick snapshot of a long life. YOU have the power to change that narrative. How empowering to embrace this idea, rather than a negative, self-proclaimed “prophecy” that doesn’t have to be. Remember, YOU were designed for greatness. Seize it!

Your Subconscious Mind Likes to Be the Boss of You.

OK, so I have to be a little scientist for a moment. Over your lifetime, your subconscious mind takes in information and helps you make decisions. This information is programmed to act in your best interests. It protects you from harm. So, every time you try to achieve a goal but fail miserably, your subconscious mind reacts to that painful disappointment by saying, “Ok, so we’re never doing that again!” It stores the information so it can protect you the next time you take a similar action.

Whenever, you try to change your subconscious thinking, it will try to tell you to stop and even be persistent so that you start believing the old thoughts. You need to be even more persistent in your positive affirmations to let your mind know that you mean business. I’ll tell you a secret. I notice when I am really trying to retrain my thinking. I find that when I do my prayers at night, I also state the positive affirmations for retraining my brain. I have found this to be very impactful.

Snapshots of My Life When Self-Sabotage Was at Work.

When I look at snapshots of my own life, I can now see where I allowed self-sabotage to grab a hold of my actions. Most of these incidents are parts of my life that I am not proud of. Now, I am not going to just blame self-sabotage and not take accountability for my actions – that is very UnOola! In order to lose the hold self-sabotage and guilt (another OolaBlocker) have from those actions, I have to hold myself accountable, learn from them, and make amends when necessary.

As I look back at these situations, they were tense ones for me. I was also in a learning curve and often in a place where I wanted my life to go in a different direction. I was trying to make a pivot but did not always do it in a gracious manner.

When in uncomfortable situations, it is hard to stop and really reflect on the best way to proceed. It is easy to fall victim to self-sabotage and let the other OolaBlockers (fear, guilt, anger, laziness, envy, and lack of focus) come into play. That is why working with me as your Life Coach is so important. I can be that person who looks at each situation neutrally and can help guide you through the OolaBlocker minefield. If you are ready for that kind of guidance, comment below, and we can set up a 30-minute chat.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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