May 22, 2020

Health and Fitness: What Does 1% Look Like for You?

How have you been feeling lately?

While we’re all aware of the global health crisis right now, have you considered what you can do to improve your own health and lifestyle?
One of the best outcomes of living the Oola life is getting back to basics: adequate sleep, nutritious food, time for exercise—plus setting aside time to handle longstanding conditions that cause pain, embarrassment or anxiety.
Simply starting the journey toward being fit and healthy will boost your energy, immunity and brain function. And a daily walk around the neighborhood delivers noticeable results.

What’s a 1% step you could take toward better health and fitness?

Recently, I introduced the idea of “1% Improvement.”  In the area of health and fitness, could you . . .
• Plan a healthy dinner, then take a 45-minute walk?
• Cut out the sugar from your diet starting today?
• Research The Elimination Diet to identify food sensitivity?
• Book a checkup for that annoying health condition?
• Clear a spot in your home and break out the yoga gear?

Best Kept Secret of Top Achievers: Coaching.

If you took time after my last post to make a list of what’s not working in your life, then resolved to improve your health or fitness level in some way, why not use the best kept secret of top achievers: coaching. Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their path to the healthy, balanced and financially secure lifestyle they want, working with a coach is at the top of the list.

The Oola Coaching Program is the formula I discovered that has transformed not only my life, but the lives of countless people around the world. Not only will it help you define the goals you want to achieve, it will keep you accountable to doing those things every day that bring about the results you want.

Check out Oola Coaching and work with me every week to find balance and calm the overwhelm in major life areas like finances, fitness, family, field (career) and more. For now, comment below (or message me) with the 1% step you’ll take to improve your health today.

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