June 8, 2020

Gratitude: Don’t Overthink It!

It’s easy to get caught up in the “rules” of how to do something – even the rules of journaling. When do I write? What do I write? How long should I spend writing? Don’t overthink it, just write! Write down the first things that pop in your head regarding gratitude.

Look at even the smallest thing as gratitude.

After a few weeks, go back and read what you wrote in your gratitude journal. Are you consistently writing the same things? Then, it’s time to think deeper and look for even the smallest thing to put into a gratitude statement.

Ideas for thinking deeper about gratitude.

For example: I am grateful I noticed a feather on the ground. I see it as a sign from Grandma Fern that she is thinking of me. Or, instead of stating I am grateful for family, take time to dig a little deeper. Be more specific. Why are you grateful for your family today? Maybe you received a call from your sister. I am grateful that my sister called me at just the moment I needed to hear her voice.

Most important is that you start and allow gratitude to become a habit.

Habits don’t form overnight. They take time, and you may miss a day or two of writing in your journal. That’s ok. Just be sure to start again. It will also take time to learn to dig deeper in your gratitude.

Oprah Winfrey uses a gratitude journal. But, guess what. Even Oprah didn’t start out with masterful gratitude statements. She evolved into that. What is most important is that she started and made it a habit in her daily life. And, there you go – another statement of gratitude! I am grateful for starting to write down and be more mindful of what I am grateful for every day.

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