August 12, 2020

Good Health Equals Living the Good Life

Are you uncertain about your health and fitness?

In my continuing series about finding certainty in an uncertain world, we’re focusing on a category that most people tend to take for granted . . . until a global pandemic delivers the ultimate wake-up call.

Did the global pandemic have you questioning your OolaFitness?

If you were unsure whether your immune system was healthy enough to ward off coronavirus . . . or if isolating at home left you feeling inactive and sluggish . . . or if you suddenly realized it’s been years since you went to the gym, said no to sugar, took important vitamins, or even went for an annual physical – hey, you’ve got some work to do!

Good Health Equals Good Life

Maintaining a healthy, active body – at the right weight – with good mental well-being just makes life better. In fact, you can’t live “the good life” if your health is a stress factor for you.

If you were going through the 10-week Oola Coaching Program with me, what would your Oola fitness goals look like? Here are some ideas:

  • A nutrient-dense, lower-calorie diet: clean protein, fresh vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, no added sugar
  • Annual physical exam + current on age-specific tests
  • Daily exercise including good old-fashioned walking
  • Ease of movement and a pain-free body
  • Plenty of filtered water to drink + minimal caffeine
  • Mental well-being solid: joyful, happy, growing
  • Ideal weight and body composition
  • Healthy sleep patterns and adequate rest
  • Annoying health conditions diagnosed and handled

All it takes is a 30 min chat with me to get started.

If you’re uncertain about your fitness level and need some help making goals (and staying accountable to achieving them), why not message me about scheduling a free, 30-minute exploratory call to discuss what coaching can do for you?

Having certainty in an uncertain world is what the Oola lifestyle taught me, and it’s what I help others do as an Oola Life Coach.

To talk about the fitness goals you’d like to accomplish (including having an accountability partner to keep you on track), message me and we can jump on a call. Or click to read more about the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program. But don’t wait. Creating certainty in your life requires action. Let’s get started.

And hey, in my next post, we’ll take a look at ways to create certainty in your finances. Don’t miss it.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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