May 11, 2020

Finding Gratitude During a Pandemic

This is a continuation from last week’s blog. (Click here if you missed it.) I don’t need to tell any of you that life has changed for all of us – some more than others. But COVID-19 is an actual WORLD event that has affected all of us in one way or another. How can we find gratitude in something like this? Yes, there are a lot of negatives. We hear about them every day during the evening news, but instead of rehashing the negative news, I’d like to focus on the positive. I’d like to help you find gratitude in some of the things that may be happening to you during this pandemic. Here are a few mindset shifts that can help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Furloughed or Loss of Job:

I did not like my job anyways. I now have the time to reinvent myself for the job of my dreams!

I realize I love what I do, so I am going to use this time to make myself stand out even more when I can get back to my job.

I CAN do my job from home. I can prove to my employer that I am more productive when working from home – a win-win for both the company and me!

Home with My Children:

I love being home with my children. I feel like I am a better parent, and I don’t feel guilty about leaving them at daycare. I will work on either reinventing myself for the job of my dreams or prove to my employer that I am just as productive, or more, when I am able to work from home.

I don’t have to feel guilty anymore about having my children go to daycare while I go to work. I am a better parent when I am able to work outside of the home.

I am grateful for public or private education. I know my children are cared for by their teachers.


I am eating healthier because I am not eating out all the time, and I am saving money – an extra bonus!

I am getting more fit because now I can’t say I don’t have time to workout.

I am able to get the rest I so desperately need.


I am saving money because I do not have to buy so much gas for my car or pay for maintenance since I am home.

Now that I am staying home, my family only needs one vehicle enabling us to save more money.

I am starting to educate myself on finances with David Ramsey so when the next crisis happens, I am financially prepared.

Family and Friends:

I am enjoying spending time with my significant other. It feels like we are dating again!

I have time to reconnect with friends I haven’t talked to for a long time.

I am enjoying time with my family and doing things we have never done or have not done for a long time by playing board games or card games, eating meals together or watching a movie together.


I am able to get back to my hobby, something I haven’t done for years.

I am able to get to the to do list I never seemed to be able to get to.

I am slowing down and finding I like living at this slower pace.


I am able to get back to my Faith by reading scripture or praying again.

I am grateful because I know I am not alone in this.

There is a plan; I am trusting in Him.

Lessons for All of Us Right Now:

I hope these were helpful to you. There are so many lessons for ALL of us right now. You just have to be open to listening to your wise inner self, your subconscious mind, to hear them. What you hear for yourself may not be what someone else is feeling, and that is OK. Maybe you are still in the grieving stages of all that you feel has been taken from you. I hope, when you are ready, this small list of ways to be grateful can help you come to the light of acceptance to grow and become someone you always DREAMED you would be.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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