January 29, 2021

Fibromyalgia Helped Me Stand Up for Myself

Fibromyalgia robbed me of so many things, but one thing that it amplified was the ability to stand up for myself.

Oola helped me find my confidence again.

By doing the Oola steps (Oola Wheel, Oola Plan, and Oola Path) consistently along with OolaAccelerators and positive affirmations, I was able to be confident as my own advocate. Oola helped me set baby step goals for my dream of living a productive, full life with Fibromyalgia. Because the goals were written as SMART goals, I had important data for my doctors to see that I was not just grasping at straws but had data to back up my claims for what I was asking. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, and Time-Based.

My Best Advocate.

When I knew I needed to have a full hysterectomy to alleviate my symptoms, I had to be my best advocate. I had to be consistent and clear, not rude, in my message to the doctors treating me. I had to have a message with my own data, as discussed above, not just a whim of an idea of why I felt this was necessary for me. It was extra tricky because there is really no data out there that shows hysterectomies help Fibromyalgia. In fact, Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions that has little information about it and many contradictions.

Because everyone who lives with Fibromyalgia experiences different symptoms, there are very few real solutions. The ways to treat Fibromyalgia are as different as the people who have it.

When I found my voice, it helped me articulate where I was currently (Oola Wheel), develop a plan (Oola Plan) and helped me determine where I wanted my life to go while living with Fibromyalgia (Oola Path). My voice helped me put steps in place little by little to get the relief I needed. (Note: This is what worked for me. I am not stating that everyone with Fibromyalgia needs a full hysterectomy.)

Are you ready?

Are you ready to find your voice?  Are you ready to find your confidence again?  If you are ready to determine exactly where you are and what steps need to be taken in order to get where you want to go in your life, contact me below for a 30-minute chat.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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