December 31, 2020

Does Anticipation Give You Satisfaction?


Maybe Elvis’s song Satisfaction should have been more about anticipation because you can get almost giddy with it just like you can get giddy about his tune to Satisfaction.

Let’s think about that a little more. How many times have you had anticipation about an event, holiday, new year, and then, it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you were hoping for? So many times, we build up in our minds what an event “should be” and what you will do and feel that by the time it comes around it isn’t all you thought it would be. You feel let down.

As the year winds down, so many of us start feeling the anticipation of new beginnings, of a brighter future.

I remember 2019. For my family and many North Dakota farmers, it was not a great year. Everyone was so happy to say good-bye to 2019, and we were filled with hope for 2020. Well, we all know what happened there! So, what is 2021 going to look like for you? Are you filled with the excitement, hope and anticipation that 2021 may bring, or are you holding back, fearful of what is to come?

Oola helps bring joy back into your life.

Oola works on where you are – the Oola Wheel. Where you want to go – the Oola Plan, and how you are going to get there – the Oola Path.

Oola came into my life when I was no longer dreaming.

I have a feeling there are a lot of you out there that are feeling the same way I was 4 years ago. I just felt lost. I had no more hope. Fibromyalgia (Fibro) had robbed me of my dreams. In fact, I didn’t know HOW to dream anymore.

I was always the person who had everything planned out. I was showing up. I was disciplined. I felt good about my life. I had dreams and went after them. Once Fibro showed up in my world, all of this was stripped from me. My identity was stolen. When I was asked what my dream was during this time, I looked like a deer in the headlights. Blink, blink, anyone home?

I started with the Oola Wheel, finding out where I was at.

My wheel was FLAT! I was on the hub for sure. Yep, it was balanced – but not in a good way. Because everything in my life was a struggle, I had to pick just one area and one goal at a time. Fitness is where I started.  Until I could get this under control, there wasn’t a way to improve the other areas of my life.

I knew where I wanted to go.

I wanted to live a full life while living with Fibromyalgia. With the help of my general practitioner and natural pathic doctor, we started making baby-step goals towards my dream of living a full life again. It was a long, arduous task because each goal was very time consuming. We had to introduce only one thing at a time and work with it before we could add another layer of therapy. When I first started, there were times I thought I would never reach my dream.

I had a wonderful support system in the professionals I worked with and my family, most importantly my husband. Without the support system, it would have been easy to give up and, sad to say, most likely not here anymore. When you are in that much pain and fatigue 24 hours every day of the year, with no end in sight, it puts you in a very dark place.

I hear you!

If you are dealing with a change in your life that is robbing you of your dreams, I hear you. If you don’t to know where to start, I hear you. If you are too overwhelmed to know where you want to go, I hear you. If you need guidance putting those baby steps – those goals – together, I hear you. Contact me below so we can schedule a 30-minute chat. I can listen and start helping you with the pain you are going through and start living the life YOU deserve!

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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