July 27, 2020

Blessings in Disguise

I am working with an amazing client who is facing her fears. She got me thinking of the fears I have had in my life and all the fears so many of you are feeling right now.

Fear of Change.

A relevant fear during the global pandemic is the fear of change. I have talked about change in previous blogs. There is so much change happening right now and even as we start to “open up” there is fear of what this will look like, how long until we may have to close down again, will this increase the number of COVID-19 cases, do I even want to go to places that are opening up? It doesn’t help that the guidelines seem to be changing daily as well. The bottom line is, we don’t have control of these things. But, that’s ok. Instead, let’s focus on the things we CAN control, and by the way, fear of not having control is a big one for many of us.

Let’s start with a work scenario.

Let’s conquer the fears of the things you DO have control of in your life.

Remember the fears you had when you started working from home? How am I going to do this? Will my company allow me to do this since my children’s daycare and school are closed? You didn’t have a choice. You had to conquer that fear and sit down with your employer to discuss how to make working from home successful. Turns out it was way easier than you thought. And now that you have been working from home, you have found that this was a blessing in disguise. You realize that you are more productive from home. You are a calmer person, wife, mother. Your children are less stressed. You are able to manage your fitness routine, work, motherhood and being a wife in a much healthier way.  Hey, maybe it has even given you the time to step away from toxic relationships. You are finally living the balanced life you have been trying to achieve. What a blessing!

New fear, new dilemma.

Now, you are asked to go back to work and anxiety is building up. You’re getting stressed. Fear is coursing through your veins because NOW, you don’t want to go back to the way it was. NOW, you have a new fear – a new dilemma. How can I keep my balanced life going? You have the following choices:

  1. Let fear take over and not ask your employer for what you know you and your family need.
  2. Assume your employer will say “no” to your request to work from home so you simply don’t ask. Instead, you go back to the office and end up hating your job. Your routine converts back to the pre-pandemic days when your life was unbalanced and you were unhappy.
  3. Conquer that fear! You can approach your boss with a well, thought-out list of the ways your company can benefit from you working at home.

Let go of your fear.

What if you let go of your fear and your worries that your employer is not going to listen to you, and you ask anyway? Remember, the company came through for you during the pandemic when you didn’t have a choice. Maybe, they will come through for you again. Is a compromise possible? What if you go back into the office until they update the internet, networks and phone systems so working from home will be easier?  If there is a short-term limit on something less desirable, it is so much easier to go back to it.

What if you go into the office a few days a week and work from home a few days a week? If your employer is not interested in your ideas, you still have options. You can look for companies that are hiring in your expertise and will allow you to work from home. You have just opened up a whole new world of possibilities you didn’t even know existed before. Now, YOU are back in control of your destiny – YOUR balanced life! What an amazing feeling that is! So, what will your choice be?

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