November 16, 2020

Be Grateful, Go Get You Oola Life.


You get what you focus on.

Have you ever heard that motto? While it normally applies to something we want to accomplish in our lives, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on being grateful for what we have already.

Here’s something I learned from “The OolaGuys” (Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, authors of the international bestselling book Oola): focusing on what’s good, what’s plentiful, or what’s improving in your world helps keep you in a state to receive even more of what’s good, plentiful, and improving. It’s like you’re saying, This is all cool. What else is out there for me? It keeps you in a state of grateful anticipation.

And by the way? Getting your own Oola life doesn’t necessarily require money, time, connections, education, or special circumstances.

  • If you’ve got family and friends who “get you” and who celebrate your wins and cheer you on, be grateful.
  • If you’ve got a career or calling that you love and that keeps you inspired to constantly grow, be grateful.
  • If you wake up every morning in a place that’s serene, inviting, or energizing—with birds singing outside or the excitement of the city calling to you—hey, lots of people only dream about that.
  • And don’t forget you’ve got opportunities to start a business, move to a different city, start a charity, go back to school—or anything else you want to do.

These are all things to be grateful for, but there’s also nothing wrong with taking steps to keep growing.

When I first started working with The OolaGuys to become a Certified Oola Life Coach, I discovered that the Oola formula has changed the lives of more than a million followers around the world. Story after story appeared on Oola’s Facebook page of people who had hit major life goals (or simply transformed their chaos into balance and calm).

The 10-week Oola Coaching Program is a gamechanger for anyone who wants to be grateful, keep growing, and ultimately live with less stress, more balance, and greater purpose.

Message me and we can jump on a 30-minute call to discuss what coaching is like and how it can work for you.

What’s the first step YOU need to take toward growth? Drop a comment below and share it!

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

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