A little Insight Into the Type of Person I am…

If you want to know the type of person I am, here are some phrases that about says it all:

  • I’m an open book. And love reading them!
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  • No one will ever be able to blackmail me because I’m often guilty of TMI.
  • I do like to swear on occasion, even though I try to keep it low key and at a minimum.
  • And one of my favorite mottos is: TGIF: Thank God I’m FUNNY!

For some people I, like my laugh, may be a little too much for you, but you’ll always know what I’m thinking.  I don’t mind telling you of my struggles and triumphs because at the end of the day, this is who I am, and I think that if I am real with you, I may be able to let you know YOU are NOT ALONE!

Let’s be honest…

It SUCKS when our health decides to take us on a journey that is pure hell!  I mean, really, you couldn’t have asked me if I wanted this ticket, instead, you just assume I want to take this ride with you.  How Rude!!

Everyone’s journey is a little different, and yet, similar in many ways.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, heart disease, …..It’s just a name for the ailment.  The insecurities, frustrations, anger, mourning of who you were before all this shit, is all the same.

I decided that I wanted to help other people, like you, going through these same feelings, and frustrations when you need someone who can empathize with you, and also help you on the path of finding hope again, of DREAMING again, of living a fulfilling life with a life changing health condition.

If you are finding yourself struggling to DREAM and make goals to make those dreams come true, let’s schedule a 15 min chat.  Together, we’ll make your life Positively Powerful!

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    Perfect word! Heheh

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