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October 28, 2020

A Faith to Handle Anything

For many people, 2020 tested their belief, their faith, and their daily walk with God.

Have you noticed? It always seems that we look for answers or support whenever there’s a major upheaval in our lives . . . and, so far, this year has brought plenty of turmoil.

As part of my continuing series, all month long I’ve been introducing you to a series of self-assessments that Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—The OolaGuys—use in the popular 10-week coaching program we conduct together. Now I’d like to share another one with you about your faith.

“Faith” is one of The 7 F’s of Oola—those major life areas that all our problems, happiness, improvement and challenges seem to fall into.

Is your faith strong?

Or could it be stronger? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your faith? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my faith …………………………………… ____
  • I feel connected to a higher purpose……………… ____
  • I am plugged into a faith community and continue to learn/grow ……………………………….. ____
  • I spend at least 20 minutes a day in meditation and/or prayer…………………………. ____
  • My beliefs and the way I live my life are congruent…………………………………………….. ____
  • I use my faith to help resolve conflict and issues in my life…………………………………….. ____
  • I reflect on my faith often throughout the day .. ____
  • I forgive easily…………………………………………….. ____
  • I rely on my faith to guide my choices and my decisions………………………………………… ____
  • I feel comfortable sharing and teaching my faith to others………………………….. ____

While The OolaGuys don’t tell you what to believe or which religion to follow (and neither do I), we DO know that having a strong faith is a critical part of a balanced and happy life.

If your life could be better in every area—fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun—I’d like to invite you to have a chat about the 10-week Oola Coaching Program. Message me and we can jump on a 30-minute call to discuss it. It only takes 10 weeks to make massive progress. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 26, 2020

A Career You Love!


Are you happy, growing and balanced in your career?

Do you need to make a change in 2021? This past year has been a wake-up call for many people—and not always in a bad way.

For instance, if you were isolated at home for 8 weeks, perhaps you discovered how much you love the calm environment, slower pace, and being at home with your kids full-time. If you were furloughed or laid off, maybe that gave you pause to think about what you really want.

Whatever your wake-up call was this past year, why not commit to making 2021 better than ever?

I’ve mentioned The OolaGuys before. Their book and coaching program, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, teaches a simple formula for creating a life that’s balanced, happy and growing.

This month, I’ve been sharing a series of quizzes that Oola uses to pinpoint where you are and what you need to work on. Today, that assessment focuses on your Field—one of The 7 F’s of Oola.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your career (field)? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my overall job satisfaction …………. ____
  • My job financially meets my needs……………….. ____
  • I love my job ………………………………………………. ____
  • I feel as if I am doing what I was created to do .. ____
  • I have solid goals for myself in this field…………. ____
  • My current job doesn’t interfere with my family and personal time ………………………… ____
  • My job makes the world a better place………….. ____
  • My job utilizes my natural gifts and abilities…… ____
  • My current job can support my long-term financial goals……………………………… ____
  • My job offers the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and financially ………. ____

How does your scorecard look?

If you want to improve it, I’m here to help. Together, we can make sure you’re focused on getting what you want and on pursuing new opportunities with confidence. In fact, you can make massive progress in just 10 weeks with the Oola Coaching Program—delivered jointly by The OolaGuys and me.

Message me and we can jump on a 30-minute call to discuss how coaching can work for you. Or check out the 10-week Oola Coaching Program for details. Just for fun, drop a comment below and share your most important career insight.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 26, 2020

Anger Blocks You From Achieving Your Oola Life!


In my last blog series, we focused on the OolaBlocker – Fear. Now, we are ready to go in another direction and discuss the OolaBlocker – Anger. The other five blockers are Guilt, Self-Sabotage, Laziness, Envy, and Lack of Focus. Anger happens to not only be a common blocker but a strong one as well. Anger is one of those OolaBlockers that can get its tethers into you, and it doesn’t let go easily. When I think of anger, I think of the Mucinex commercial with the slimy, suctioning beasts that don’t want to go away. Even though the commercial it is meant to be humorous, there is nothing funny about being in the clutches of something that won’t go away – something like anger.

I have witnessed the damages of anger in my family circle.

Like many of us, I have a family member that I struggle to connect with. Embarrassingly, I often use anger when communicating with this person. I KNOW. I should know better! But, I admit I am Practically Perfect – not Perfectly Perfect.

Learning how to handle my anger and what triggers my anger with this person helps in how I choose to react. It is important for me to understand my limitations and to retrain my brain to respond differently when I deal with this person. I admit that sometimes I have trouble keeping calm. I am a work in progress. What’s interesting is I am typically a very calm person. Sure, I get excited easily enough, but it takes a lot to get me angry.

As I analyze my family member’s anger, I have realized what is holding him back, and when I work with clients who struggle with anger, I can see some of the same things holding them back as well. There are some common threads that weave their way around the emotion of anger.

Living a Life of Regret:

People living with anger often have so much regret about what was or was not done in life – all the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. This regret can tear down the strongest person.

For example, I wish I knew about Dave Ramsey and his financial teachings back in my early twenties. There are so many things I would have done differently when it came to my finances. I even had a friend who started using the Dave Ramsey Method twenty years ago, but because discussing finances was considered taboo, I didn’t ask her more questions. I didn’t stop to learn how I could be better with my money. Looking back, I know the timing wasn’t right. I had to make my mistakes and learn from them first. I could be angry that it took me so long to get where I am today, that I made too many mistakes. But, instead of staying in the emotion of regret, I put on my big girl pants, put my nose to the grindstone and learned how I can do things better. And, I will educate anyone around me who wants to know about a better way to handle finances.

Blaming Others:

Another common thread I see among people harboring anger is the tendency to blame others for what life has done to them. They don’t take responsibility for the things going on in their own life. The three simple steps of Oola – Oola Wheel, Oola Plan, and Oola Path – help you do just that. YOU are in control of your life. When you have a bump in the road, you have the skills to make it through that bump, to pivot, and to start again. Does this mean everything you have set out for your life goes EXACTLY how you planned it?  No, but how you choose to view it and go forward shows, how even in adversity, you can make a shift and still get joy out of life.

Fear of the Unknown:

When faced with something you do not have control over and don’t understand, it is easy to use fear and anger to push people away rather than listening and learning. Many who use anger in this way, don’t want others to know that they don’t understand what is being discussed. A quick way to put an end to the conversation is to become angry so the subject is dropped.

Rather than looking at unknowns as a scary thing, embracing knowledge helps you make informed decisions. You may not agree with the person trying to teach you, but at least you can learn why they feel or think the way they do. You may even discover you have very similar beliefs, but you simply look at things differently.


The last thread I have observed is that angry people tend to feel threatened easily. I believe this is due to low self-esteem, as well as, a lack of knowledge, as discussed in the previous paragraph.

I often picture a rattlesnake all coiled up, rattling its tail to tell you to stay away. It is no different for the person feeling threatened. The thought is if I strike first I will scare them enough to go away or change the subject.

Anger is similar to fear. It closes you off from learning more. It keeps you from finding empathy for others, and it prevents you from living the life YOU have always dreamed for yourself. This is why I feel anger can be one of the most negative OolaBlockers. If you are dealing with anger in your life or you have a close family member or friend who is, contact me for a chat. I can help you learn the tools you need to stop focusing on anger so you can live a better, happier life.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 22, 2020

A Family That Rocks!


Can I ask you a tough question?

What was it like being isolated with your family during the lockdown? If you discovered that your household is a war zone and your marriage is on life support, improving your family relationships should be a major priority in 2021.

You CAN eliminate the stress, create better boundaries, and bring more balance to your family life.

But first, let’s figure out where you are.  It’s the first step to creating a plan for improving your future. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your family relationships? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my current family situation ………. ____
  • We eat at least one meal per day together as a family …………………………………… ____
  • My immediate and extended family is functional…. ____
  • Thinking of family makes me feel happy ………. ____
  • I am honest with my family members………….. ____
  • I work hard at being a better family member… ____
  • I set aside personal time with my family, without phones…………………………………………. ____
  • My family is loving, patient, supportive and respectful…………………………………………………. ____
  • I hold no hurt feelings toward any family members………………………………………… ____
  • I feel I spend enough time with my family to meet their needs ……………………. ____

When I first read the book Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World, its authors—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—recommended strategies for improving family life. “Family” is one of The 7 F’s of Oola: a proven formula for living a life of less stress, more balance and greater purpose.

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I help clients not only create goals across all 7 areas of life, but also prioritize their tasks and—most importantly—stay accountable to accomplishing them week by week. In fact, I’ve joined forces with Dave and Troy to bring my followers the Oola formula via a 10-week coaching experience designed to transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. Message me and we can jump on a call about it.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 19, 2020

Now Who Would Ever Think That You Can Have Fear of Fun?

Fear of fun often comes in the form of anxiety.

It can be fear of missing out. If you are afraid of missing out maybe you are having too much fun and need to slow down. Or, it can be that you fear you will not have enough finances in order to retire, so you don’t do anything fun, thinking it’s OK to wait until later.

Let’s dig deeper into each of these scenarios.


Anxiety can stop us from doing so much in our lives. I had a client whose anxiety stopped her from engaging so much in society that it was difficult for her to even order a pizza over the phone. When anxiety is at this level, it is hard to live in the moment or to be excited about getting together with family or friends. There have been many studies indicating that anxiety of crowded places has increased since the start of the Covid pandemic. The bottom line is anxiety strips the joy out of any occasion.

People often think of me as an extrovert, but when I am in a larger group of people and don’t really know anyone in the group, I become an introvert. It is difficult for me to find a topic that can keep the conversation going if the crowd I’m in does not have something in common. I am not at an anxiety level that some people have in this type of situation, but it is still something that I am always trying to improve. Remember, I have said before, I am not perfect, but I am always finding ways to keep my life more balanced. I guess you could call it Practically Perfect!

Too Much Fun

Some of us have a fear of missing out. When this happens, slowing down on the fun would be a good solution to a more balanced life. If you see fun is unbalancing other areas of your life such as relationships, finances, fitness, or field (career), then it’s time to reevaluate the adventures you are having. Many times, but not all, this shows up in abuse of alcohol or drugs.

I grew up in a home where my father got caught up in his drinking. It was fun and party time for him, but for his family, it was hell. Luckily, he decided he needed to do a pivot in his life in order to get more balance.

This can also look like taking on too many activities because it’s what we think everyone else is doing. We see a lot of this on social media. There is such a thing of having too many commitments. When this happens, activities end up feeling like a chore and a stressor, rather than bringing you joy.

I think one of the positives to come from this pandemic, is that people realized they didn’t need to be doing 100 different things at any given moment. When you slow down, you are able to find more gratitude – an OolaAccelerator for what you are able to do. You are able to really evaluate what you are passionate about (another OolaAccelerator) and what brings joy to YOUR life.

Waiting for Fun

There are others who keep putting off having fun because they think they will have plenty of time for that when they retire. Often, this stems from a fear of not having enough financially for retirement. No one knows when we are going to get called by God, so it’s important to find fun in each day. That doesn’t mean every day is a party. It just means you find joy in the moment. You are present and laugh as much as you can every day. This becomes an OolaAccelerator in the form of Discipline – showing up. Laughter is good for the soul and helps you find gratitude in even the smallest moments. There’s that OolaAccelerator again – Gratitude!

My Mr.’s parents both died before they retired, one at the age of 59 and the other 60. My grandmother died at the age of 60. It was hard having them leave us so soon, but even more so because they did not get to enjoy their retirement. All three worked very hard their entire lives to keep finances in place, only to not enjoy the reaped benefits. Now, I am NOT saying blow all your money and don’t have a savings. That is very UNOola! But, again it’s all about balance.


Just as I have done in the previous blogs on fear, I will add some affirmations to stomp out the OolaBlocker – Fear. You can use what’s here or tweak to fit your circumstances.

  • I have all money I need, with plenty left over to do the things I enjoy.
  • I am present in each moment.
  • I find joy in each moment.
  • I am grateful for the fun I have in my life.
  • I savor moments with family and friends.
  • I am the author of my own life.
  • I choose commitments that bring me joy.
  • I have the integrity needed to say no when a commitment isn’t one I can promise to do to the best of my ability.

Need help finding balance?

As a Life Coach, I help my clients reach a balance in their lives by kicking OolaBlockers to the curb and bring on OolaAccelerators with a good dose of affirmations. If you would like, sign up for a 15-minute chat to discuss your options, or sign up for the unique Oola 10-Week Coaching Program with yours truly as your life coach.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!


October 19, 2020

Wellbeing – That’s So Oola!

Did you know? It’s impossible to achieve your dream life without knowing where you are now.

When I coach people in the Oola principles, one of the first things we do is find out where they are in life.

Just like when you use your smartphone’s Maps app to get directions, the first thing that shows up is where you are at this moment—represented by a little blue dot. Plug in your destination, and your smartphone will use GPS technology to give you step-by-step, mile-by mile directions from your current location to your desired endpoint. But before you can go anywhere, you need to know exactly where you are right now.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be leading you through a where-are-you exercise in the seven areas we cover in the Oola Coaching Program: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. We call these “The 7 F’s of Oola,” and by the time this month is through, you’ll have a checklist of things you’d like to improve. Are you ready?

Let’s look at the very first of The 7 F’s of Oola: fitness.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your health, fitness habits and mental wellbeing? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my current health ……………………… ____
  • How close am I to my ideal weight?………………. ____
  • I would rate my overall mental health …………… ____
  • I do 3+ cardio/resistance sessions a week………. ____
  • How hard do I push myself during exercise?…… ____
  • I am active outside of exercise sessions…………. ____
  • I practice relaxation daily …………………………….. ____
  • I love my life and have little stress ………………… ____
  • My meals are nutrient-rich and contain the proper calories for my body …………………………. ____
  • I eat a balanced diet and avoid processed foods and fast food …………………………………….. ____

So? How did you do in your Oola Fitness assessment?

If you didn’t like your numbers, start planning some changes for 2021. There’s still time. In fact, the 10- week Oola Coaching Program is the best formula I’ve discovered for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Check it out at my website (or message me) and let’s work together over the next three months to transform your life in 2021. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and most supportive guide to getting there.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 16, 2020

Finances Looking Good!


Are you hoping life will get better in 2021?

For many people, “better” means improving their finances. If 2020 has left you wondering what could possibly get worse—if your income’s been impacted and your debts have become overwhelming—realize that, with the right plan, your finances CAN improve. You can be free of debt. You can improve your earnings. You can invest for your future.

When I first started working with The OolaGuys to become a Certified Oola Life Coach, I discovered that the Oola formula has over a million followers around the world. Story after story appeared on their Facebook page of people who had hit major financial goals. Some paid off over $100,000 in debt, got better paying jobs, or moved into their dream house.

It IS possible.

And today, I want to help you assess where you are with your finances. It may be a wake-up call, but it’s the first step toward getting past the overwhelm.

Let’s see where you’re at.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your finances? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my current personal finances……….____
  • I’m saving at least 10% of my earnings for nonretirement purchases (car, vacation, down payment on new home, etc.) ………………..____
  • I’m totally debt-free (except my mortgage)……..____
  • My monthly income exceeds monthly expenses.____
  • I’m investing at least 15% for retirement…………____
  • I have an emergency fund equaling at least seven months of expenses………………….____
  • I have the proper insurance……………………………____
  • I tithe regularly to my church and donate time to charities with no expectation of anything in return …………………………………………………….. ____
  • I have a complete/updated will or estate plan … ____
  • I have a budget and stick to it every month…….. ____

If this assessment was a wake-up call, I’d like to help.

The 10-week Oola Coaching Program is a gamechanger for anyone who wants to live with less stress, more balance, and greater purpose. Message me and we can jump on a 30-minute call to discuss what coaching is like and how it can work for you. What’s the first step YOU need to take toward improving your financial picture? Drop a comment below and share it!

Together, we are Positvely Powerful!

October 12, 2020

Fear Your Finances Are Holding You Back? 

How many of you feel like you are walking into a house of horrors when you open up anything with your finances?

You kinda have an idea what is and is not there, but are too scared to really take a hard look at your full financial situation?

Staying in fear, rather than taking a hold of your finances, will only drag you down more twists and turns and make it that much harder to become debt free. Fear stops us from showing up and doing what’s right for our situation. It stops us from learning a better way. Fear can come in the form of excuses.

I’ve been there too.

I made so many financial mistakes in my younger years that have impacted my financial future. I listened to people I thought knew better and were guiding me correctly, but shame on me for not doing the hard work of really investigating. For someone who is always trying to learn about better ways to do anything, I didn’t with my finances because fear of not understanding what was being said and looking like an idiot stopped me from doing so. Well, I looked like an idiot anyway because I didn’t pursue educating myself. I wish I would have known about Dave Ramsey back then.

The Oola Guru, Dr. Troy, has taught me that no matter the mistakes of my past, that isn’t who I am. I can change and make things better. So, with Dr. Troy and Dave Ramsey, I am doing just that. And, it feels amazing! I now have a clear picture of my finances and where to go from here on out. Could my finances look better, yes, but when I looked at them through the eyes of these coaches, my situation wasn’t as scary as I made it out to be. By the end of the year, I will have other debts paid off so that I can finish paying off my car and Parent Plus Loans, and then, I will start paying down more on the principal for my mortgage. Watch for those wins on social media as they happen.

The game changer for me was changing my way of thinking.

Another game changer for me was switching from living in a Have, Be, Do state of mind to a BE, DO, HAVE state of mind. This can be a powerful shift in ALL areas of your life, but for me, it was particularly helpful in my finances.

Have, Be, Do:

So, what is this Be, Do, Have stuff mean? When you live in a Have, Be, Do state, you are subconsciously expressing  a NEED or LACK OF in your life. Because of this, that is exactly what happens, you feel like a hamster on the wheel, never getting ahead. It seems like everything that is going on in your life requires large sums of money. In this state, you are constantly living in fear and also allowing jealousy and envy to seep into your daily life. Huge OolaBlockers!

Here is another way to put it. When I HAVE all the money I want, I will BE content and happy, and then, I can DO all the things I have been putting off, like vacations, living debt free, buying a cabin…

Be, Do, Have:

In a BE, DO, HAVE state, you are subconsciously expressing ABUNDANCE. Because of this, abundance automatically comes to you, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you are trying. You receive a letter from the electric company saying your bill is less. You find money in a pair of pants or a coat pocket from last season. You get an unexpected bonus at work. Here you are bringing in gratitude, discipline, and integrity into your life. Huge OolaAccelerators!

This scenario looks like this: I will BE content and happy where I am at now financially. At this time, I will DO those vacations, buy something special for a loved one, or buy a boat instead of a cabin because all I want to do right now is be on the water. Then, I will HAVE all that I need monetarily with plenty left over for my family and causes that are dear to me.

The best way to shift and retrain your brain is with affirmations.

I will list some you can use, or you can make up your own.

  • I have all the money I need to live my life with plenty left over for my family and causes dear to me.
  • I am grateful for all the financial abundance in my life.
  • I am disciplined in how my financial future plays out.
  • I am the author of my own abundance.

If you are ready to face your financial fears, I am here for you. As a Life Coach, I help my clients find peace and make a plan for their financial affairs. Let me know in the comments below (private on website) or sign up for the unique 10-week Oola Coaching Program to find abundance in all areas of your life.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 12, 2020

Make 2021 the Best Ever!

Can you believe it? 2020 is almost over.

Which makes these final three months of the year your best opportunity to make sure 2021 is more balanced and more abundant.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I’m big into getting what you want in the 7 major areas of life. It’s something I learned from Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—The OolaGuys—who teach how to create balance in our unbalanced world.

Now, as a Certified Oola Life Coach, I help clients address what’s not working for them in the areas of fitness, finance, field (career), family, faith, friends and fun. Then we go to work correcting those stressors and bringing about the lifestyle, relationships and financial security you need to be happy, balanced and growing.

Three Months to Go: What Will YOUR 2021 Look Like?

With October here and this whole crazy year almost behind us, people are starting to call 2020 a wash. The Lost Year. An epic fail. But before you give this year the heave-ho, why not spend the last three months of it deciding what you want your next year to look like?

The Oola Formula Gives You the Steps To Get There.

Whether it’s make more money, be home with your kids, improve your marriage, have fun, get healthy, or something else – the Oola formula gives you the steps to get there. The key is to decide where you need to make changes, write out your wish list, and start taking small steps every day toward 2-3 goals at a time. It’s a three-step process that’s part of the 10-Week Oola coaching experience that I offer to my clients.

The reality is that you can have anything you want, but you need to start focusing somewhere. By the time my posts during this month are through, you’ll have a wish list of things that will transform how you live—and even who you are as a person.

Have Some Ideas of What You Want Already?

Whatever your wish list includes for next year, drop a comment below and share it with us. The Oola formula can be a big help toward getting there—so if the  Oola 10 week coaching experience is something you’d like to pursue as 2020 winds down, message me and we can jump on a 30-minute discovery call to explore the idea of working together on your goals. I’m here to help 2021 be a breakthrough year for you.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

October 12, 2020

Fun Times, All the Time!

When was the last time you had some fun?

While the past several months have been exhausting for many people, you can make 2021 a better year by adding everyday fun, hobbies, unique interests—and even “bucket list” adventures you’ve dreamed of your entire life.

“Fun” is one of The 7 F’s of Oola, and today we’re going to talk about how much fun you have in your life (or how much you need to add in order to create a life that’s happy and balanced).

If you’ve been following my posts over the past month, you know that—right now—you have a unique opportunity to make 2021 better than the crazy year we’ve just been through.

If 2020 has caused you to re-think your lifestyle, your finances, your health, your relationships and your future, we should jump on a call to discuss exactly what you want 2021 to look like. It’s what I help clients with, and it would be my honor to work with you, too.

Message me and let’s schedule some time to chat soon.

Or, go here to read more about the 10-week Oola Coaching Program before we jump on that call. For now, let’s see how much fun you’re having in your life—and decide whether you need to add more.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the amount of fun you have in your life? If you answer “1,” that means low/bad/least true, while answering “10” means “high/good/most true”:

  • I would rate my fun in life…………………………… ____
  • I enjoy and am having fun in life………………….. ____
  • I try new things often ………………………………… ____
  • I invest time pursuing my passion or hobby….. ____
  • I have fun outside of work at least 3x per week ____
  • I do at least one “bucket list” item each year… ____
  • I am a fun person to be around…………………… ____
  • Fun rarely interferes with my responsibilities.. ____
  • People would say that I’m a fun person……….. ____
  • I easily find free fun in simple everyday life….. ____

Coaching can help you rediscover fun hobbies, unique interests, and even your true passion in life . . . a major stepping stone on the way to living the OolaLife. Message me and let’s chat about your next step.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!