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August 31, 2020

Rekindle Your Friendships

If there’s one element in our lives that can help us find certainty in an uncertain world, it’s our friends.

I missed connecting, sharing and getting together recently . . . how about you?

If the pandemic and shutdown kept you from hanging out and having fun, it’s time to rekindle those friendships. In fact, with all the technology at our fingertips today, friends can actually be closer than ever – even if it’s just to quickly check in and let them know you’re okay. Millions of singletons created a buddy system to check on each other during isolation. And millions more friends showed up (big time!) to deliver groceries and do other odd jobs for friends who couldn’t go out.

If you need a true “inner circle” of friends you can count on and share life’s episodes with, here are some ideas for nurturing and growing these friendships:

  • Stay connected. Don’t just text or post. When possible, log some honest-to-goodness face time by getting together for lunch, a movie at home, or even a road trip that keeps you all safe. When not in person, why not text something every few days like a funny post you saw or an inspiring quote or thought for the day?
  • Unfriend, unfollow, delete. If ever there was a time you needed loving and exemplary friends, the past several months was it. But some friends are simply toxic. They have no place in your balanced, abundant, stress-free life. Talk to them about their behavior or unfriend them altogether.
  • Reverse-engineer the friendships you want. If you know the kind of friends you want in your life – smart, successful, supportive people – look around for new friends and start plugging them into your life.
  • Be a great friend in return. Show up, stand out, and take time for your friends. We all need help these days. Find out how you can be a better friend even if it’s just a phone call to catch up.

Are you doing something cool with friends as a result of the pandemic? Drop a comment below and share it.

Of course, having awesome friends and adding new mentors and advisors to your life is just part of the feeling of certainty that comes with the Oola lifestyle.

And it’s something I help others achieve as a certified Oola Life Coach. If you want to transform your world into one of balance, abundance and certainty, I’m here to help.

Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.

For now, drop a comment below and share something you and your friends did recently that helped you get through the pandemic and financial aftermath.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 26, 2020

Turn Up Your Faith Walk

If the past several months have left you wondering why this is all happening and what God has in store for the future,

why not turn off the news and turn up your faith?

In creating my own ideal lifestyle, I realized that the Oola formula I discovered (based on the bestselling book series) emphasizes Faith as one of the 7 key elements of a balanced and stress-free life.

It makes perfect sense, really.

While authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl don’t tell you what to believe or which religion to pursue, they do know that a better relationship with God helps us find certainty in an uncertain world. Stronger faith and a more diligent daily practice also helps us discover God’s purpose for our lives: that unique thing we were created to do on this Earth.

So, with all the drama in our world today,

what can you do to rekindle your faith and get closer to God (who actually wants an active relationship with you)? Here are some ideas:

  • If you haven’t pulled the handle on a church door in years, take time now to find one you like. With online services being live-streamed every week, it’s easier than ever to check a few out and find a message and style that resonates with you.
  • Create a new daily faith practice. Whether it’s writing in a gratitude journal or reading the Bible or simply praying for a few extra minutes throughout the day, start something new.
  • Serve others. Be part of something bigger than yourself by finding a way to give, volunteer or make a difference.

Did you do something new in the area of Faith during the recent crisis? Drop a comment below and share it.

Of course, a renewed faith walk and solid relationship with God is just part of the feeling of certainty that comes with the Oola lifestyle. And it’s something I help others achieve as a certified Oola Life Coach. If you want to transform your world into one of balance, abundance and certainty, I’m here to help.

Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.

For now, drop a comment below and share something you did recently that helped you grow in faith.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 24, 2020

Are You in the Right Career?

If your career situation changed significantly over the past several months, you’re not alone.

As part of my continuing series on finding certainty in an uncertain world, today we’re talking about the field you’re in – whether you’re on an upward career path, have a job that “just pays the bills” right now, or work as a stay-at-home parent, volunteer, retired person or something else.

Everyone should have a career that gives them joy, abundant pay, a sense of growth, and – above all – certainty about their future.

If that’s working from home and moving to a safer, cleaner, and less expensive place in the country . . . or finding that job opening you’ve been looking for in another industry . . . or finally getting the chance to show your skills at the management level, your career should be one that lowers your stress level, keeps you constantly growing, and gives you a sense that you are  pursuing your God-given purpose on this planet.

If that’s not your current job or career path, there are things you can do:

  • Create a side hustle in a field you love. I never recommend that anyone give up their day job before having a plan in place to transition to their ideal career. But you CAN test the waters with a side hustle or part-time work in your new field.
  • Ask management what it would take to change jobs at your current company. If you love where you work, but find your current position stressful, ask whether you can get further training and move to another position that’s better for you.
  • Volunteer in a field you love. If your current job pays the bills but doesn’t make your heart sing, try volunteering to get the “job satisfaction” you’re not getting elsewhere. You might eventually find a new career in non-profit work, ministry, network marketing or a hobby you never thought would pay enough to keep you happy.

If career transition is in your future, as a Certified Oola Life Coach, I’m here to help create certainty, abundance, and joy in your career. Let’s talk!

Message me to jump on a call to chat about coaching.

Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 24, 2020

Feel Like You Are Not Measuring Up?

I don’t know about any of you, but many times in my life, I have felt like I didn’t measure up.  And I know I am not the only one.

The fear of not measuring up causes so much unbalance in our life! It shows up when we tell ourselves we are not worthy of (fill in the blank).  I don’t deserve (fill in the blank).  I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I could keep going and have a whole blog just on the degrading statements we tell ourselves consciously and subconsciously!

Field (Career):

Let’s start with field. I was a teacher for 21 years and loved it.  But one of the stressors I added on my plate was always feeling like I wasn’t good enough or like I wasn’t doing enough for my students.  I was constantly afraid people would find out that I wasn’t a good teacher, which is crazy for the amount of hours I poured into becoming a better teacher, planning for all ability levels, and learning more and more techniques to improve my teaching methods.  Because of this, I burned out.  I have no one to blame but myself for that.  I had concerned co-workers tell me to slow down, but I didn’t know how.  And, I had many wonderful students and parents who would sing my praises, and yet, there was that inkling of doubt.  No wonder I have Fibromyalgia!

Clients thankful for what I was able to accomplish with them.

When I was working with my sister in the interior design industry, I felt that I was not as good as her and could never measure up.  My sister never made me feel that way; it was all on me.  Even after one of my jobs was published in a magazine, I thought they made a mistake.  And yet, I have clients who are so thankful for educating them on beautifying their spaces.  They tell me their redesigned space is a reflection of them and that it functions so much better than it did before working with me.

Remember when I said I’m not perfect, but I continue to work on bettering myself?

Even in my new adventure of Life Coaching, I have to stop myself when self-doubt creeps in – like who do I think I am believing I can have a job working from home.  Again, I have clients that affirm that I have helped them grow and accomplish goals and dreams they thought were out of their reach.  But now, I have the tools to quickly change that thinking.  I am able to pivot the negative blocker into an accelerator in the form of an affirmation. Here are some examples:

  • I am worthy of working at the job of my dreams.
  • I deserve to work from home.
  • I am capable of learning new tasks to have a successful life coaching business. (cough-cough technology)
  • I am a good listener for those I serve.
  • I am disciplined in reaching my goals and dreams.
  • I am passionate about helping and educating others.
  • I am grateful for my wonderful clients.

Fitness in regards to body image:

We are so bombarded by images and sayings that we should act, look, dress, or use certain products in order to be the sexiest or slimmest or most popular.  It makes it so difficult to learn to love yourself.

Interestingly enough, there was a woman who posted about how she is tired of trying to compete with the airbrushed, edited bodies of women being published today.  It brought up some great conversations in the comments.

I’m not saying men don’t have this issue, but for women, I do believe it is harder because our body goes through so many changes in our lifetime.  We go from our teen years to when our bodies are “mature” enough to become pregnant, to pregnancy, to after pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause… And that doesn’t include any chronic health issues you may begin to have. Just when we are ready to accept the body we have, it changes, and you go through the whole cycle all over again.

Some of my favorite affirmations for body image are:

  • I am grateful for the curves of my body.
  • I am grateful for the scars my body has endured as it has allowed me to come out stronger.


In a previous post called I Hate When my Children Suffer, I wrote about parenting.  Parenting isn’t much better than body image in the sense that everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing.  Usually, outsiders make judgements after only seeing a very small snippet of your life as a parent which makes their opinions even more frustrating.

Even without the outside influences, it is easy to second guess yourself as a parent.  You want to trust your children without allowing them to gas lamp you.  You want to give them the discipline they need to know boundaries and feel safe but not staunched.  You wonder if you are giving them enough responsibilities. Again, the list is endless.

Here are a few affirmations for parenting:

  • I am teaching my children the meaning of humility.
  • I show up in my children’s lives so they know I am here for them.
  • I am grateful my children trust me enough to come to me when they need help with something they are dealing with.

I’ve always been a spiritual person.

The last one, I’d like to talk about is faith.  I have to admit, this was one I had to really work on.  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t a spiritual person; I was just struggling with the faith I was raised in.  It seems absurd to me now that when I was in 4th grade, I wanted to become a nun, and then in my twenties, I began questioning my faith.  Talk about a swing in feelings.  The struggle was that I felt held back, but I couldn’t put my finger on what was causing that feeling.  After much persistence, searching, and anguish, I finally realized what it was.  I did not feel worthy of taking a seat in church.  I didn’t think I measured up to all the other people around me – people who, I felt, deserved the spot more. I know, what was I thinking!

Once I figured this out, I was able to retrain my brain, especially the subconscious mind, by stating these affirmations:

  • I am worthy of God’s love.
  • I am deserving to sit in church to become closer to God.

Retrain your thinking.

My hope is that by showing you how you can retrain your thinking, you will see more of the amazing possibilities that can open up for you. Remember the negative blocker language has been programmed in your subconscious mind for years, so it will take time to retrain that thinking.  But, it is not impossible. The more you put into your affirmations determines how quickly this can happen.  As a Life Coach, I help clients uncover their OolaBlockers and help them pivot by using OolaAccelerators and affirmations.  If you are in need of help in this area, let me know below (private) or sign up for the unique Oola 10-Week Coaching Program with yours truly as your coach.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!



August 20, 2020

Clear Up Family Issues

This is a tough question, I know,

but as part of my continuing series on finding certainty in an uncertain world, I’ve got to ask:

During the recent shutdown, was your family supportive, loving . . . there for you? Did your marriage improve or decline? If the worst happened, would you be okay with where your family relationships are now?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time as a Certified Oola Life Coach, it’s that “family” is either the bedrock of a calm and balanced life – or the source of drama, chaos and stress. It’s your choice.

If you need for things to improve, there are specifics you can work on. Here are a few to think about:

  • If you’re not working on your marriage, you’re working on your divorce. Your spouse should come before everyone else (and everything), so carve out some quality time away from your job, the kids, and your other responsibilities.
  • Healthy boundaries keep toxic behavior out of your inner circle. Your extended family shouldn’t be allowed to create drama for your spouse and kids (or , if you’re unmarried, your close siblings and parents). Set boundaries and be specific about the behavior you want. Inside your “inner circle,” be a role model for drama-free behavior, demonstrating what’s expected.
  • Bring your family along with you on your journey of improvement. Hold a family meeting to discuss goals and determine how you can work together to achieve them. Celebrate wins as a family, too.

Did your family get through the crisis drama-free? What are some pleasant surprises you’ve discovered lately? Drop a comment below and share.

Of course, a solid and supportive family life is just part of the feeling of certainty that comes with the Oola lifestyle. And it’s something I help others achieve as an Oola Life Coach. If you want to transform your world into one of balance, abundance and certainty, I’m here to help.

Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.

For now, drop a comment below and share a pleasant surprise (or two) you’ve discovered lately about family.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 17, 2020

Are You Uncertain About Your Finances?

In my continuing series about finding certainty in an uncertain world,

we’re focusing on an area that most people consider pretty unreliable – especially over the past several months.
If you’ve lost your income, suffered illness or experienced higher than normal expenses, I’m so sorry. I know how stressful that can be.

Job loss is utterly catastrophic if you’re not prepared for it.

But even if you didn’t lose your income, the resulting economic crisis has everybody on edge. So what do you need to do to create certainty in the area of your finances?

Here are some ideas – straight out of the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program:

• Do everything you can to eliminate small debts. You can also return, relinquish or sell expensive items you financed that you no longer use (like sports equipment, time shares, or that vintage motorcycle). Debt is not only disheartening, it takes away options and is the #1 stress point in marriages.
• As quickly as possible, put together an emergency fund. Unlike saving for a car or vacation, this money is used only for predicaments you would have to go into debt to pay for. Start small by saving a month’s worth of living expenses, then build to 7 months’ worth.
• Keep investing for your future while you’re paying down debt. Lower your expenses as much as possible to create extra cash every month. Then use that extra money: 45% toward debt elimination, 45% toward retirement investments, and 10% for having fun. Make it a game, keep score and stay on track.
• Regardless of your age, start investing consistently towards your retirement. Living modestly in order to free up cash to invest is easy when you have a goal. Find an investment advisor you trust, then ask them to help you plan and invest regularly.
• Get your estate plan in order. The uncertainty of a pandemic should motivate anyone to complete their will, trust or other documents if the worst should happen. It’s just what smart people do.

Creating financial certainty during uncertain times takes work.

As a coach who can help you create a plan, stay on track and be accountable for results, I’m here for you.
Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program.  I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.
Then stay tuned for my next post where we’ll take a look at a simple technique for improving your family relationships. Don’t miss it. Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 17, 2020

Either Work on Your Marriage or Work on Your Divorce.

We have a saying in Oola: Either work on your marriage or work on your divorce. Such a powerful statement!

As I look back at my 29 years of marriage…

My husband and I, like most couples, have had our ups and downs. I think our darkest days were when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. As I have said before, for about 10 years, I was just existing due to pain and fatigue from Fibro. Well, our marriage was just existing too. I didn’t have the energy to put the time and effort needed into my marriage, and it showed. My husband stepped in and did the job of mom AND dad, and to top it off, he was going into a depression as well because of the stress of his job – plus the stress of the extra duties at home and not feeling like he had a companion anymore.

Fear was our overhanging cloud.

When I look back at it now, it was a heavy, dark, and menacing cloud. There was so much fear. Fear of:

  • Will my life with Fibro always be like this?
  • When can I be a part of this marriage again, a full contributor like I used to be?
  • Am I attractive to my significant other anymore?
  • If things can’t change with the Fibro, can I continue living like this?

Together, we choose to save our marriage.

Instead of allowing the fear to take its grip on us, which it was close to doing, my Mr. and I decided to do this together and pull ourselves out of the pit of despair TOGETHER. We choose the OolaAccelerators to save our marriage: Gratitude, Love, Discipline, Integrity, Passion, Humility, and Wisdom.

We knew we didn’t really want to even think about divorce. We wanted to make it work. As I was able to find ways to gain more energy, we poured that energy into our marriage and family.

Gratitude was the start.

For me, gratitude was the stepping stone to help get all the other accelerators going again. As I started to tell my husband why I was grateful for him, changes began to happen. It felt like a seedling starting to grow in the light and warmth of the sun with a sprinkle of rain for good measure. It’s interesting to me that by telling him how grateful I was for even the simplest of things, the trust between us began to grow, and we were able to speak of topics we were afraid of discussing before. This in turn helped us love ourselves and each other with more passion. Not necessarily the between-the-sheets kind of passion for you dirty minds out there. Hehe! I know I am guilty of TMI, but this is G-rated!

We were disciplined enough to keep showing up for one another. As I was able to lessen my symptoms of Fibro more and more, it was easier to show up the way I wanted to and needed to for my marriage.

Fibro kicked my marriage into a life of fear.

But we didn’t let it win! In the end, it actually brought us gifts we never would have expected. Here are a few:

  • We increased our wisdom of each other.
  • We used more humility and integrity in our words and actions.
  • We became even more passionate about: “In sickness and in health”
  • Our love for ourselves and each other deepened more than we could have ever imagined.
  • We are disciplined in how we show up for each other.
  • We speak of our gratitude for one another daily.

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of all the fear, it is hard to know what truly is the right decision for you.

Luckily, our marriage was worth saving. However, there are many of you out there where divorce is the right option for you. Sometimes, when you are in the middle of all the fear, it is hard to know what is truly the right decision for you. As a Life Coach, that is what I do. I am the unbiased person that can help you with this decision and help you after the decision is made. If you would like, contact me below so we can chat. (It is private.) Or sign up for the unique 10-week Oola Coaching Program to get you on the right track.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 12, 2020

Good Health Equals Living the Good Life

Are you uncertain about your health and fitness?

In my continuing series about finding certainty in an uncertain world, we’re focusing on a category that most people tend to take for granted . . . until a global pandemic delivers the ultimate wake-up call.

Did the global pandemic have you questioning your OolaFitness?

If you were unsure whether your immune system was healthy enough to ward off coronavirus . . . or if isolating at home left you feeling inactive and sluggish . . . or if you suddenly realized it’s been years since you went to the gym, said no to sugar, took important vitamins, or even went for an annual physical – hey, you’ve got some work to do!

Good Health Equals Good Life

Maintaining a healthy, active body – at the right weight – with good mental well-being just makes life better. In fact, you can’t live “the good life” if your health is a stress factor for you.

If you were going through the 10-week Oola Coaching Program with me, what would your Oola fitness goals look like? Here are some ideas:

  • A nutrient-dense, lower-calorie diet: clean protein, fresh vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, no added sugar
  • Annual physical exam + current on age-specific tests
  • Daily exercise including good old-fashioned walking
  • Ease of movement and a pain-free body
  • Plenty of filtered water to drink + minimal caffeine
  • Mental well-being solid: joyful, happy, growing
  • Ideal weight and body composition
  • Healthy sleep patterns and adequate rest
  • Annoying health conditions diagnosed and handled

All it takes is a 30 min chat with me to get started.

If you’re uncertain about your fitness level and need some help making goals (and staying accountable to achieving them), why not message me about scheduling a free, 30-minute exploratory call to discuss what coaching can do for you?

Having certainty in an uncertain world is what the Oola lifestyle taught me, and it’s what I help others do as an Oola Life Coach.

To talk about the fitness goals you’d like to accomplish (including having an accountability partner to keep you on track), message me and we can jump on a call. Or click to read more about the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program. But don’t wait. Creating certainty in your life requires action. Let’s get started.

And hey, in my next post, we’ll take a look at ways to create certainty in your finances. Don’t miss it.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 10, 2020

I Hate Watching My Children Suffer!

I don’t have to tell any of you parents how difficult it is to see your child suffer. I hate it when my children are ill or suffering from something life has thrown their way, whatever yucky thing that might be.

Worry doesn’t magically disappear!

To be honest, this blog is for me just as much as it is for you, because this is something I am continuing to work on myself.  As our children get older, it doesn’t get easier.  In fact, I think it gets harder.  When your children are young, you have this silly notion that once they graduate from high school all the worry magically disappears. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, it doesn’t!

I have two wonderful children, both in their twenties and trying to conquer the world each in their own way, each with their own challenges.

Worrying about children starts the minute you think about becoming a parent.

As soon as you even think about becoming a parent, the worry starts. Will I get pregnant?  What happens if I can’t get pregnant?  When you find out you’re pregnant, the worry shifts.  Am I eating right?  Is my baby progressing in utero as it should?  When your child is born, more worries. Goes to school, other worries. It just goes on and on.

Now that they are older, a whole other bag of worries start. Will they make the same mistakes I did in my foolish twenties?  Will they get a job once they graduate from college?  Do my children truly understand that I don’t care if they go to college just as long as they are happy and productive with their lives. Will this significant other hurt them? Is this significant other good for them?  Are they drinking too much, and is it an actual problem or just a phase?  Are they taking life too seriously?  It just goes on!

Just like any other parent, I want the best for my children and hope all their dreams come true.

Along with that I want to be able to pay for their college, their first car, and their home so they don’t have to worry about finances. Or is it really so I don’t have to worry about my finances and theirs?  WHOA!  Where did that come from?  Be honest.  If you could, would you do that for your children so that they can start their life debt free?  In the end, would our children be better for it?  Maybe, they need to pay their way just as you and I have had to do.  This teaches many OolaAccelerators such responsibility (discipline and integrity), showing up (discipline and integrity), pride in oneself (love), wisdom, humility, and discipline to name five out of the seven to be exact.  Keep reading for gratitude and passion.

Worry is really another word for Fear.

Think about that for a moment.  All this worry is just another way we allow fear to rear its ugly head in our lives.  Fear is a sneaky little devil that invades our lives without us even realizing it.  I’ve been thinking about the worries I have for my children and have had to ask myself, have they gotten in the way of allowing my kiddos to grow into independent people?

I want my children to know no matter how old they are, say 80 (and I’m 123 because OF COURSE I’ll live that long), I will always be here for them. They just need to let me know when and how they need my help.  As parents our fear is there will be a time we can’t fix something or everything for our children, but I’m not so sure that is what we are supposed to do.  I know I have learned from my mistakes, and it has shaped me into the person I am today.  If my own children didn’t have these same (or different) experiences to learn from, what are they learning?  How are they molding themselves into the wonderful beings God has planned for them?

I am going to choose Peace over Fear and Worry.

I am going to have peace in knowing that when my children need me, I have loved and nourished them in a way that they know they can spread their wings and fly.  But, if they need my help, time to rest, inspiration, my knowledge or just my wit, they know where to find me.  I am making a decision today, to let go of the fear and worry for my kids and put in its place some of these affirmations, because THIS is what will help them conquer whatever it might be for their world to be just right for them!

• I am grateful my children know I am here when they need me.
• I love my children in a way that allows them to find and follow their own passions.
• I have raised my children to understand the importance of love, being grateful every day, trusting their own gut, and I have raised them to      follow their passions with integrity, discipline, humility, and wisdom.
• I have a calm mind knowing my children know I am here when they need me.
• I am at peace knowing that when my children need me, I have loved and nourished them in a way that they know they can spread their         wings and fly.

If this is an area you are struggling with, I am here to help. Drop a note below so we can schedule a chat or sign up for the unique 10-week Oola Coaching Program with yours truly. As a Life Coach, I teach the principals of Oola in order for you to live a fulfilling life and to be the positive role model you want to be for your children and grandchildren.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

August 6, 2020

Finding Certainty in an Uncertain World

Global pandemic. Job loss. Financial hardship.

In times like these, we all want certainty, predictability and safety. But how can you achieve certainty in an uncertain world?

For the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring ways you can calm the chaos and create a solid, supportive lifestyle you love.

And we’re starting with a question:

Is there one specific pain point in your life that made itself even more obvious during these past months? Where did uncertainty happen for you?

  • Was it paying the bills with suddenly no income and no emergency fund to fall back on?
  • Was it being stuck at home in a chaotic house that made the stress level worse, not better?
  • Was it realizing that you’d put off your fun time, bucket list adventures, and other dreams (like travel) that you now may never get to do?
  • Or was it your fitness level, marital challenges, career path, or faith walk that became your big “a-ha” moment of uncertainty?

Whatever it is (and it could be more than one thing), drop a comment below and share what you’d like to change. We’ll be working on that over the next month.

Take Inventory of your life.

For now, I’d like to give you a homework assignment: take inventory of your life using the 7-point checklist below. How certain (or uncertain) are you in each of these areas? I’ll reveal in upcoming posts how you turn uncertainty in these 7 areas into a life that works.

Fitness: Nutrition, exercise, weight, mental well-being

Finance: Debt, emergency fund, retirement, estate planning

Family: Healthy boundaries, solid marriage, no drama

Field: Stress-free career you love, ample pay, steady growth

Faith: Solid relationship with God, daily faith practice, peace

Friends: Supportive friends & mentors, sharing good times

Fun: Daily fun, dream trips, bucket-list adventures

If you recognize the list above, yeah, it’s “The 7 F’s of Oola” popularized by bestselling authors and founders of the Oola Coaching Network, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. If you’ve been following my past posts, you know that I’ve joined forces with Dave and Troy to bring my followers the Oola formula via a 10-week coaching experience designed to transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more.

Message me if you need to turn your uncertain world into a life that rocks. Stay tuned for more Oola and finding certainty in an uncertain world.