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July 29, 2020

It Only Takes 10 Weeks


It’s what life feels like when you’re happy, growing, and looking forward to what the world has in store for you. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve landed that better job, grown a bigger business, or watched your kids succeed at something they’re passionate about.

Whatever rocks it for you, Oola means living life firing on all cylinders—joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunity appear.

Oola is also the proven formula for getting back on track, and finding balance in our unbalanced world.

And it only takes 10 weeks.

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I’m ready to help turn your dreams into achievable goals – then support you in pursuing those goals with enthusiasm.

Together, we’ll focus on ways to reach your career ambitions, personal goals and lifestyle objectives. I’ll share ideas, unlock new paths, and congratulate you on your wins. But most importantly, I’ll hold you accountable for making progress in every area of your life.

What could YOU accomplish in just 10 weeks by working together via the Oola Coaching Program? You could:

  • Develop a plan to “reinvent” yourself, looking at the most important categories in your life—from your finances to your health to your career, and more.
  • Shift your focus from “busy-ness” to taking action that matters.
  • Build a support team of smart, reliable people who can advise and help you as you grow.
  • Choose one big, audacious goal that will amplify the way you live, who you know, what you do with your day, and how you pursue your unique life purpose.

Since the first copy of the blockbuster book, Oola, rolled off the presses years ago, the Oola lifestyle has become a phenomenon with over a million readers seeking the balanced OolaLife. In cities around the world.

Countless success stories of real people around the globe confirm that the simple, practical, easy-to-implement Oola formula works to help people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict, find their ultimate life purpose . . . and so much more.

Shouldn’t Oola’s next success story be you?

Together, you and I can make that happen.

To find out more, message me now so we can jump on a call. It only takes 30 minutes. The Oola formula will transform you . . . and your life. Reach out now. I’m here for you.  Together, we are Positively Powerful!

July 27, 2020

Blessings in Disguise

I am working with an amazing client who is facing her fears. She got me thinking of the fears I have had in my life and all the fears so many of you are feeling right now.

Fear of Change.

A relevant fear during the global pandemic is the fear of change. I have talked about change in previous blogs. There is so much change happening right now and even as we start to “open up” there is fear of what this will look like, how long until we may have to close down again, will this increase the number of COVID-19 cases, do I even want to go to places that are opening up? It doesn’t help that the guidelines seem to be changing daily as well. The bottom line is, we don’t have control of these things. But, that’s ok. Instead, let’s focus on the things we CAN control, and by the way, fear of not having control is a big one for many of us.

Let’s start with a work scenario.

Let’s conquer the fears of the things you DO have control of in your life.

Remember the fears you had when you started working from home? How am I going to do this? Will my company allow me to do this since my children’s daycare and school are closed? You didn’t have a choice. You had to conquer that fear and sit down with your employer to discuss how to make working from home successful. Turns out it was way easier than you thought. And now that you have been working from home, you have found that this was a blessing in disguise. You realize that you are more productive from home. You are a calmer person, wife, mother. Your children are less stressed. You are able to manage your fitness routine, work, motherhood and being a wife in a much healthier way.  Hey, maybe it has even given you the time to step away from toxic relationships. You are finally living the balanced life you have been trying to achieve. What a blessing!

New fear, new dilemma.

Now, you are asked to go back to work and anxiety is building up. You’re getting stressed. Fear is coursing through your veins because NOW, you don’t want to go back to the way it was. NOW, you have a new fear – a new dilemma. How can I keep my balanced life going? You have the following choices:

  1. Let fear take over and not ask your employer for what you know you and your family need.
  2. Assume your employer will say “no” to your request to work from home so you simply don’t ask. Instead, you go back to the office and end up hating your job. Your routine converts back to the pre-pandemic days when your life was unbalanced and you were unhappy.
  3. Conquer that fear! You can approach your boss with a well, thought-out list of the ways your company can benefit from you working at home.

Let go of your fear.

What if you let go of your fear and your worries that your employer is not going to listen to you, and you ask anyway? Remember, the company came through for you during the pandemic when you didn’t have a choice. Maybe, they will come through for you again. Is a compromise possible? What if you go back into the office until they update the internet, networks and phone systems so working from home will be easier?  If there is a short-term limit on something less desirable, it is so much easier to go back to it.

What if you go into the office a few days a week and work from home a few days a week? If your employer is not interested in your ideas, you still have options. You can look for companies that are hiring in your expertise and will allow you to work from home. You have just opened up a whole new world of possibilities you didn’t even know existed before. Now, YOU are back in control of your destiny – YOUR balanced life! What an amazing feeling that is! So, what will your choice be?

July 23, 2020

Balanced, Happy and Growing

If you took inventory of your life today,

you’d discover that every circumstance, challenge, opportunity and achievement you experience fits into 7 major categories:

*Fitness      *Finances     *Family    *Field    *Faith     *Friends    *Fun

We call these “The 7 F’s of Oola,” and focusing on improving in each of these areas will get you to the OolaLife faster than almost any other way.

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I’ve joined Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl – the OolaGuys – in coaching people like you through the steps you need in order to achieve the life you want: balanced, calm, and 110% focused on your unique life purpose.

It takes only 10 weeks, and yet the Oola Coaching Program is the most effective—but simplest—life-changing program available today.

To create this ground-breaking experience, The OolaGuys have drawn from more than 30 years’ experience in discovering, implementing, and verifying what makes people’s lives balanced, happy and growing in all 7 areas.

When we work together during 10 weekly coaching sessions, you could begin to see outcomes like these:

  • Eliminate the crushing weight of debt
  • Resolve toxic family situations
  • Add fun to your life with “bucket list” adventures
  • Get healthy, lose excess weight & focus on self-care
  • Create the income to stay at home with your kids
  • Change careers and begin living your right livelihood
  • Uplevel your circle of friends and enjoy quality time
  • Retire early and pursue an “encore” career you love

What’s the extraordinary thing you’re supposed to do in life?

Message me and let’s talk about it. Just 30 minutes on the phone and you’ll know exactly how to achieve your own version of the OolaLife.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!


July 20, 2020

Accelerate Your Life with Affirmations

In my last blog series, we discussed gratitude which is an OolaAccelerator. In my next series, we are diving into the OolaBlocker – fear. As I was starting this blog series, I quickly realized I needed to do some front loading first. So, before I go any further, I feel it is necessary to explain what exactly is an OolaAccelerator and what affirmation means.


As the Oola gurus, Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun, state in their National Bestselling book Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, “OolaAccelerators are where the real fun begins. You’ll learn new daily practices and proven success behaviors like gratitude, integrity, and wisdom that will help bring your life into balance – and lead to stunning personal growth – faster than almost any other way.”

The 7 OolaAccelerators are:

1. Gratitude: Being grateful for what you already have helps you feel more abundant. Worrying about what you don’t have keeps you in a mindset of need, lack, and disappointment.

Focusing on what is good, what is plentiful, or what is improving in your world, helps keep you in a state to receive even more of what’s good, plentiful, and improving. To get your mind right, focus on what’s going right.

For more information on gratitude, check out my previous blogs on gratitude here.

2. Love: The love you give needs to authentic and pure. The best way to get better at love is to start LOVING YOURSELF! The truth is people want to love you, so let them! Love your differences. It’s what makes you authentically you, genuine, and real.

I’m known for my laugh and humor.  Instead of shying away from it, I embrace it – so much so I tell everyone that when I die, my gravestone will have a button to push any time they need to hear my laugh or listen to one of my rip-roaring stories!
I’m imperfectly perfect, and that is OK with me!

Love others unconditionally. When you start to express words of empowerment, compassion, and appreciation, those you love will show up in ways you never thought possible.

This next part of love, I have to work on with my children.  As a momma who loves her cubs and wants the best for them and to protect them, this can be difficult.  I’m learning that even my children have to fail because that is where the most impactful learning, strengthening, and growing happens.  Remember, I said I was imperfectly perfect! It’s hard to step back and watch your children struggle.

3. Discipline: This means not only doing what must be done, no matter how hard it is, but it also means doing it consistently.

Think about this, you already have habits, but are all your habits helping you show up in life the way you want to by reaching your dreams and accomplishing your goals? Here’s a couple examples: You are trying to start an emergency fund and yet each day you buy one or two $5 coffee drinks. That adds up fast! How about cutting down to one or two drinks each week and putting the rest of that money into savings? You will have that emergency fund in no time!

You don’t have time for exercise. Instead of watching TV for 30 minutes, use that time to exercise, or even better, watch your show while exercising!

4. Integrity: It is more than doing the right thing and keeping your word to yourself and others.

Keep your moral compass. Don’t be in such a hurry to reach your dreams that you compromise your values in an attempt to get you there faster.  All this does is create remorse and damages your reputation in the long run.

When people see you as trustworthy, honest, mature, transparent, and forthright about setbacks, it creates a vibe and momentum. It is one of the reasons people want to be around you – want to be associated with you. People want to be around others who do what they say they will do. It instills confidence and reliability in other people’s eyes.

5. Passion: Passion can overcome virtually any OolaBlocker that comes your way.

A goal fueled by passion will inspire you to overcome all blockers and spark your creativity and determination.  I mean think about it, when you know you are going to do something you are passionate about in the morning, you jump out of bed with a pep in your step, rush through the daily routines so you can start your passion project sooner.

Sadly, too many people find their deepest desires have been masked by what other people want them to do.  In the end, they lose track of their true desires.

Passion is the fuel that will help you achieve your goals and change your life even if you don’t have the knowledge, contacts, funding, or opportunities right now. This is how I feel about Life Coaching.  I have the passion for helping others, and I trust that everything will fall into place. That doesn’t mean I just sit on my butt all day, but the passion and trust of what is to come is my fuel to keep going.  I trust my passion will see me through.

6. Humility: Did you ever think that working on yourself first can actually help you become a more balanced and capable person – which in turn allows you to better serve others? Believe it or not this is part of humility.

Now with that being said, it isn’t all about you. Once your cup is full, you are better able to serve others. Many of the most successful people are the most humble human beings. They listen more than they speak. They’re quick to deflect praise. And, they are the first to accept the burden of responsibility when things don’t go right. Being respectful, kind, putting others first, being transparent, and responsibly owning your mistakes will give you a quiet confidence.

7. Wisdom: This comes from many places in your life such as your own experiences, the people you know, and successful people you follow. You can learn from all of these areas – even when it is a challenge to do so.

One area that we too often ignore and is, in some ways, the most powerful is listening to your gut instinct. Too many times we ignore our wise inner self. Why?  It might be because you feel you will rock the boat or go against what is expected of you. Maybe, you ignore it because you don’t want to take responsibility if the decision is the wrong one, or maybe, it just makes you feel uncomfortable. Think about this, the most growth happens when you are uncomfortable while listening to your gut!


Whew! This blog got longer than I expected. Luckily, the explanation for affirmation is quite simple.  It is taking a negative statement or feeling and changing the language into a positive statement. If it is easier for you, think of it as a prayer – a prayer for yourself.
As an example, I will use a blocker too many people say to themselves whether it is done consciously or subconsciously: I am not worthy. Switch this to something like one of these affirmations: I am worthy. I am worthy of all the blessings in my life. I am worthy of abundance in all 7 areas of my Oola Life.
Share one of your affirmations in the comments below. If you are struggling turning your OolaBlockers into positive affirmations, contact me below.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

July 20, 2020

We All Have Dreams

We all have dreams of what we want to accomplish in life.

But what stops us?  Work, family, financial pressures, and the hectic pace of our daily lives gets in the way.

Well, what if I told you there was a way to spend the next 10 weeks removing these barriers to happiness.  How?  By calming the chaos and transforming your life into one with less stress, greater purpose, more fun, and better opportunities for your future.

Would you be willing to jump on the phone for 30 minutes to discuss it?

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I work privately with people to achieve a life that’s amazing in every way.

Whether you want to change careers, get out of debt, build a business, improve your marriage, move across country, start a charity, or simply achieve a more tranquil and balanced lifestyle in every area, the Oola Coaching Program will help you make plans — then take action — over the next 10 weeks.

Message me to talk about YOUR dreams and goals. I’m here to help. With the Oola formula, together we can get you there.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

July 15, 2020

Message Me About Coaching

OK, last week was fun.

Celebrating International Oola Week reminds me of how far we can go once we decide we want less stress, more happiness and greater purpose in our lives.

The OolaGuys:

More than 20 years ago, two holistic physicians—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—created Oola to help people establish new habits, practice new ways of living, and take those daily actions that are key to bringing life into balance (then keeping it that way on an ongoing basis). Today, “The OolaGuys” are international bestselling authors, social media influencers, personal growth experts, and founders of Oola Coaching with countless successful clients around the world.

Oola helped me.

I discovered for myself that the Oola coaching formula truly helps calm the chaos and bring balance the major areas of your life, including fitness, personal finances, family relationships, fun time, and more. Later, I became a Certified Oola Life Coach to help others achieve this same balance and start creating an even better future.

Oola helped me dream again.

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream big and passionately pursue something you want to do… if you wish you had a friend and mentor who thinks like you and who can inspire you to achieve big goals… if you need someone who can guide you to the people, strategies and resources you’re looking for…

The Oola Coaching Program is for you.

Shouldn’t we talk about where you want to go in life? It takes just 30 minutes to find out how the Oola coaching formula + weekly coaching sessions with just the two of us can get you there. Message me now and let’s jump on a call soon. It is private.

You deserve it. Your dreams are worth it. Let’s work together on getting you to the Oola Life.

Together, we are Positively Powerful!

July 13, 2020

Career Changes – Girlfriends Night Out!

Girlfriends Night Out! Whoop-Whoop! It was definitely an enlightening night out with my friends. As we were talking, it hit me that four out of five of us had or were considering making significant career changes. And, that got me thinking. Maybe, you too are contemplating a change in career.

Helping others has always been in my heart – my passion.

I was an educator for 21 years. During this time, I not only taught elementary-school-aged children, but I also taught, mentored and coached teachers and student teachers. Additionally, I worked for my twin sister as an Interior Design Consultant and a Vision Board Facilitator. While I loved these careers, life circumstances threw a few curveballs my way which made me change gears.

Three years ago, I was introduced to Oola.

Oola is all about finding balance in an unbalanced world, and it was a game changer for me. Oola helped me start balancing my life. Most importantly, it brought forth a dream of mine I had for over 10 years but kept on the back burner – Life Coaching.  And, even better becoming a Certified Oola Life Coach! In January 2020, this became a reality.

Trust your gut!

As you will learn while going through the Oola modules, you may not have all the answers when change is imminent and it is time to make a major decision. You just have a gut feeling that you know this is the right thing to do for you. Trust that gut! God, the Universe, your Higher Power – whatever you believe – has you! If you are clear about the end outcome; it WILL happen. It won’t always happen how you think it will, but it will happen.

So, what do you say? Yes, this is my time to make big changes in my life! Let’s do this together to make your life Positively Powerful! or

July 8, 2020

Measure and Improve

What gets measured gets improved.

Have you heard this advice before? “What gets measured gets improved.”

It’s particularly applicable to your finances. When you focus on your numbers – your bills, your debts, how you spend your money, and how much you save for your future – those numbers tend to improve. It’s human nature. We want to “win” at whatever game or challenge we’re facing.

So let’s go . . . game on.

If you’ve been following my series on de-stressing your finances, you’ve already done some of the work when you took inventory of your debts, expenses, savings, and more.

Now it’s time to create a monthly budget and keep track of those numbers on a regular basis . . . making sure you find the money to apply to those areas where you want to win.

Step #1: Look online for a budgeting worksheet you like (spreadsheets and apps work, too). Then start inputting your numbers. This will take some time to find all the expenses, particularly if you do a one-year budget where your costs change month to month.

Step #2: Highlight one area where you want to focus first, such as: Creating a small emergency fund • Paying off your car loan • Saving 15% of your paycheck for retirement.

Step #3: Decide how you’ll get the money together to achieve that goal. If it’s a $1,000 emergency fund, for example, can you: sell unused sports equipment or other items? Do weekend projects? Take a second job for 90 days? And if it’s saving 15% in a retirement plan at work, calculate how much your new take-home pay would be – then budget other areas (eating out, travel, cable TV) accordingly.

There’s real power in focusing on one goal at a time until it’s achieved.

And what’s even more powerful is how many opportunities will appear unexpectedly to help you achieve your goal faster or easier.

I’m up for that kind of powerful focus . . . how about you?

In fact, focus is what the Oola lifestyle taught me, and it’s what I help others do as an Oola Life Coach. If you think working together to keep you on track and accountable for results is something that would get you to a balanced life (and finances) faster, I’m here to help.

Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program.  I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.

For now, drop a comment below and share the one thing you’ll be focused on as your very first “win.


Is change leaving you feeling unmoored?

Change is inevitable. Change is good. Nothing evolves without change. Learn from change. We hear these catch phrases all the time, but sometimes when a change happens to you, it can leave you feeling unmoored. I have had changes in my life that have been all of the above. And, I know I am not alone. I am sure most of you have experienced this type of change too.

I am on a new adventure.

To begin my series on change, I will start with my most recent one. As most of you who have been following me on Facebook know, I have the opportunity to start my own Life Coaching and Vision Board Facilitating business. Yay! I am extremely excited and blessed for this new adventure in my life. I am invigorated by all the new learning that comes with starting a business. How to do it correctly and just the DREAMING I am able to do with this venture. I mean the sky’s the limit here, and I’m anxious to get things rolling in order to help as many people as I can with their life changes.

Another part of this adventure is a Jalendar. I tease everyone that I am coining a new word – Jalendar – that will end up in the next revision of the Webster’s Dictionary. A Jalendar is a journal and calendar all in one. I have been looking for something like this for a long time but always come up short. I can find the Journal or the Calendar but not the two together. It has been thrilling to work through my ideas for this, and see it develop.   Click here for a free 1-month version, or here for a 7 month (2020) version or here for the 12 month (2021) version.

Change can also bring on mourning of a loss.

Along with all this high energy and excitement, there are some things I am mourning with this change too, as can happen with some shifts in life. I am mourning that my twin sister and I will no longer be working together every day. You would think that being with each other every day and working side by side, we would be sick of each other…well, we’re not!  I used to live in St Cloud, MN and that was too far, so I moved back to Bottineau, ND.  Now, we live approximately two miles from each other, and it’s still too far!! We keep joking, to our husbands’ chagrin, that we need to build a house where we have common rooms and then our own suites when we need time away. And, let’s be honest, that is probably only when the two of us are sleeping!

Major life changes are not always planned.

My sister was diagnosed with cancer and had a six-month check-up that wasn’t great! This led her to rethink her business. She wasn’t planning on the change just like those of us with Fibromyalgia aren’t always planning to make big life changes. It is just something we have to do. Although we have separate businesses, my sister and I are planning to work together in different capacities and will ALWAYS be together doing “our thing” which means I say or do something and Susan shakes her head and rolls her eyes. After all, that is how we roll!

Change is inevitable.

Sometimes change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean change is bad. Take time to mourn what you will miss with the change. Then, take time to look ahead and get excited about the change. Great things happen with change.

I will keep you posted about my lively changes. In the meantime, if you are undergoing big life changes, let me know. Let’s work together to make your life Positively Powerful!



July 1, 2020

Too many bills – Need More Cash?

Need more cash-flow to get a handle on your finances?

In my last post, I shared a few strategies for “de-cluttering” your credit card statement – cancelling unused services and returning leased equipment, for instance.

But economizing will only get you so far.

Some people simply need to bring in more cash. If you’re self-employed, this is easy: either take on more work, or negotiate higher rates for your products and services by educating the client or customer on the higher value of what you have to offer.

If you work for a company, there are still ways you can free up more cash to get your financial house in order (without impacting your retirement investments). Here are a few:

  • Become a weekend entrepreneur. For a few months or several times a year, take on projects (or a second job) that pay hefty sums like seasonal tax preparation, organizing and clean-up, ghostwriting a book, or helping a caterer with premium events.
  • Ask the payroll department at your workplace to redirect part of your paycheck to a new savings account you set up (ask your bank for an account that’s free of fees). Decide on the bare minimum you really need in your paycheck, then redirect the remainder. Use that money to pay down small debts.
  • Add up your discretionary expenses (eating out, buying home décor or clothes, ordering stuff on Amazon) and for three months, stop all discretionary spending. Eat at home, make do with the clothes you have, and forego those projects that require online buying. At the end of the 90 days, you’ll likely have more in your bank account to use toward paying off a bill or even eliminating a small debt.
  • Start selling stuff on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or (for older smartphones & devices). Decluttering junk drawers, the garage, and the spare bedroom not only makes your living space feel more tranquil, the extra money will have a calming effect on your financial stress, too.
  • Create a plan to pay off your credit cards within one year, then call the card issuers you have now to ask for a 0%-for one-year rate. Consolidate your other balances onto a single card and aggressively pay it off. This will save you monthly interest, but you must be disciplined enough to meet your goal in one year or less.

Finding more cash to eliminate your immediate financial headaches is only a part of the process.

Of course, finding more cash to eliminate your immediate financial headaches is only a part of the process of creating balance in your financial life (and other areas of your life, too). If you think working with a coach to keep you on track and accountable for results is something that would get you to a balanced life faster, I’m here to help.

Message me and we can jump on a call to chat about it. Or go here to check out the 10-Week Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives.

Then stay tuned for my next post where we’ll take a look at a simple technique for improving your finances in every area. Don’t miss it.