Positively Powerful Life

Positively Powerful Life

Free Guide: Interior Design for Fibromyalgia

10 Bedroom Design Tips to Ease Your Fibromyalgia Pain

Let's take The First Step Together 

I want to make sure I can provide you with the best support possible, which is why we begin with a a complimentary consultation.  

Living with Chronic Pain

I understand what it feels like to spend each day hoping for relief from the pain.

I work with people on the other side of Fibromyalgia - meaning those who have Fibromyalgia (Fibro Warriors). They have gone through the dark days, the diagnosis, all the yuck in the early days of living with Fibromyalgia, and now they are on the other side. These are the people who have been through all of that and are ready to live again, dream again and have a fulfilling Fibro Life. But, before we go too far, I believe it is important for you know a little about my Fibro Story. 

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